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What is layerage?
-the process of forming roots on a stem that is still attached to a plant
what are the benefits of layerage?
-renew an existing plant using direct energy from "mother" plant
-results in limited numbers of plants and disease is transmitted to new plant
What are the four types of layerage?
-simple layerage
-tip layerage
-mound layerage (stooling)
-air layerage
What is tip-layering?
-often done with raspberries and other brambles
-tip of shoot inserted into ground upside down
What is simple-layering?
-done in spring
-6" of tip exposed
-wired and staked
-used on narrow-leaved evergreens
What is stooling?
-mound layering often used on low-branching shrubs
What is air layering?
-used to rejuvenate "leggy" woody shrub or houseplant
-girdle stem (cut phloem and cambium)
-wrap in moist sphagnum moss
-wrap in plastic and aluminum foil