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What are 5 types of pest problems?
What is beneficial about chemical pesticides?
How about problematic?
-rapid and complete control
-dangerous and can pollute environment
What is a weed?
-Any plant out of place!
-competes for space, water, and nutrients
What is allelopathy?
-using chemicals to inhibit another plant such as Juglans nigra
How do weeds spread typically?
What are some cultural control of weeds?
-plastic mulches (porous black plastic or clear to cook weeds)
-Bark mulch (supress weeds: 3" deep!)
What is coning around a tree? Is it good or bad?
-piling of mulch on old mulch until it gets so high it forms a cone!
Why is coning bad for trees?
-traps moisture
-water sprouts
-allows pests easier
-looks poor
-prevents composting of bottom material
What are two categories of chemical weed control?
-selective such as 2,4-D
-non selective such as roundup
What is a contact herbicide?
-injury to parts of the plant the herbicide contacts
What is a translocated herbicide?
-chemical moves systemically through the vascular system of plant such as roundup
What is a residual herbicide?
kills during and after application
What is a nonresidual herbicide?
kills only when applied
What is a preemergent herbicide?
-applied after teh crop is seeded but before it comes through soil surface
What is a postemergent herbiced?
applied after crop has emerged
What are the numerous categories of weed control?
What are three things that affect herbicides?
-soil texture
-soil moisture
-light exposure
What type of soil do herbicides persist longer in?
-sandy dry soils (no microbes to degrade chemicals)
What chemical is used selectively to kill only broad leafed weeds (like dandelions)?
What are symptoms of plant injury from herbicides?
-curling of leaves
-light color of veins and leaves
-browning and death
(tomatoes, grapes, lilacs, maples)
What are three things to do to prevent herbicide injury?
-spray when air is still
-spray when it is coot (heat volatilizes chemicals)
-never use herbicide sprayer for other purposes
What is biological weed control?
-one living organism used to control another
-little success seen with this yet
What is WOW! Plus?
-an organic weed control
-a by-product of corn syrup
-pre-emergent herbicide
-selective (broadleaf)
-can walk on it after applied
-can be used in vegetable and flower garden! (on established plants only)