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What is gravitational water?
-ground water
What is field capacity?
-maximum amount of water that a soil can hold against the force of gravity
What is capillary water?
-water available to plant
What is the wilting point?
-point at which a plant is unable to take up additional water from the soil
What is hygroscopic water?
-water not available to the plant
What can excess soil moisture cause?
-lack of aeration so root cells can't function well
-wilted foliage
-disease (fungal and bacterial, damping-off)
What can excess rainfall cause?
-cracking of sugar-rich craps like cherries and tomatoes
-leachin gof mineral nutrients
-anaerobic respiration produces alchol in water-logged roots
What are signs of water deficiency?
-first symptom is gray foliage
-leaves and stems wilt
-leaves curl and drop off
-fruits wither and drop
What causes blossom end rot on tomatoes, peppers, etc?
-water stress and insufficient calcium
What causes algae blooms?
-phosphorus in surface water
*depletes oxygen from the water at night and kills fish