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What plant processes are influenced by temperature?
-enzyme activity
-stomatal opening
-seed germination
What is the limiting factor for growing plants outdoors?
What daytime temperatures do cool season crops need?
-Night temperatures?
-Crop examples
60-75 degrees
50-60 degrees
+spinach, cabbage, lettuce, radish, beets, peas, carrots, onions
What daytime temperatures do warm season crops need?
-Night temperatures?
-Crop examples
70-85 degrees
60-70 degrees
+corn, beans, tomatoes, vine crops
*do not tolerate frost so should not be planted until the ground warms
How does photosynthesis and respiration effect growth and storage?
-photosynthesis leads to an increase in growth and storage, respiration decreases them.
When does respiration occur? Photosynthesis?
Which increases more in high temperatures?
-day and night
-day only
What is a growing degree unit?
-mean temperature minus the base temperature
What is the base temperature?
-the point where plants will not grow/develop
-either 40 or 50 depending on crop
What are some uses of heat units?
-predict time to harvest
-predict flowerin date
-determine if a crop will grow in a certain area
What is phenology?
-relating the development of one plant to some aspect of another
-Greek for "the science of appearances"
Ex; prune roses when forsythia blooms
What causes plant injury during winter?
-intercellular and intracellular ice formation
What are some factors that affect hardiness in winter?
-kind of plant
-temperature during autumn
-soil moisture