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What containers can be used to grow plants?
-untreated wood
-wood fiber/peat
-peat pellets
Why is plastic best?
What is bad about clay?
What does treated wood contain which is toxic to plants?
-easy to clean and re-use, durable
-heavy, breakable, salt build-up
-arsenic and/or copper
Which plant materials are biodegradable?
-wood fiber/peat
-peat pellets
What is coir?
What is good about peat pellets?
-renewable coconut fiber
-both pot and media in one
What is good about seed media?
What is bad if biodegradable units are used?
-smaller particles better contact
-need space for air and water
-no fertilizer necessary
-wood/fiber/paper pots need extra Nitrogern (for microbes which will try to break them down)
What are the organic planting media?
-sphagnum moss
-composted rice hulls
What are inorganic media? What are three examples?
-mineral components for drainage and aeration
What is perlite?
-for aeration
-made from volcanic rock
-pearly white teeth
What is vermiculite?
-for aeration and moisture-holding and nutrient exchange
-tan in color; made from mica rock
Is peat a renewable resource?
-Very slowly
How do you collect seeds from flowers?
-collect on sunny, dry mid-day
-collect in paper encelopes or brown paper bags
-remove seed from fruit if needed (can soak if needed)
*bags can be put over capsule flowers that will split open
How can seeds be stored?
-cool in fridge for short-time, freeze for long term (except water-filled seeds)
-dry seeds out of direct sun
-put in dark when dry
-keep consistent
-put in sealed wax paper, foil pouch, or freezer bags wrapped in aluminum
What are the 4 types of germination needs?
-ready to germinate, just give proper conditions
-scarification (needs to have the seed coat abraded)
-stratification (needs to have a period of cool-moist
-both scarification and stratification
How can scarification be replicated?
-using a file
-using sandpaper
-use rock tumbler filled with grit or lined with sandpaper