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What is the limiting factor for growing plants indoors?
How can light be measured?
What is a footcandle?
-the unit of illumication equivalent to that produced by a standard candle at a distance of 1 foot
What is lux?
-the unit of illumination equivalent to that produced by a standard candle at a distance of 1 meter
What are some scientific light terms?
-photon flux
What can affect light penetration into a room?
-type (glass/plastic/glazing)
-geographic region
What color waves does chlorophyll often use?
-blue and red
What are the Pro's to incandescent bulbs?
-no special fixtures
-range of wattages available
What are the Con's to incandescent bulbs?
-concentrated light
-only 7% usable energy in light
-90% of energy wasted on heat
-short life (750 hrs)
-high in red/orange, low blue
What are the Pros to fluorescent tubes?
-diffuse light
-22% of energy usable light
-36% of energy wasted on heat
-long life (8,000-9,000 hrs)
What are the Con's to fluorescent tubes?
-work best if 70-90 degrees
-fixtures bulky
-low far-red emission
-light cannont be concentrated
What are the Pro's to sodium vapor lamps?
-25-35% of energy visible light
What are the Con's of sodium vapor lamps?
-yellow/orange/red spectral emission only
-large ballast (special fixtures)
What are some ways to increase artificial light?
-added white reflectors to fluorescent fixtures
-paint surrounding walls white
-clean tubes to remove dust
-change tubes regularly
-keep plants centered under fluorescent tubes
What is the minimum light required for plant maintainance?
-100 fc
How do you find the amount of total light needed per day?
-footcandles of light x hours of light/day