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How would you describe an herbaceous plant?
-water filled cells with thin walls
-Often low to ground
-Killed to ground in winter
How would you describe a woody plant?
-strong cell wall
-can be very large
-typically survive winter above ground
What is the difference between decidous and evergreen trees?
-deciduous loose their leaves when dormant
-evergreens maintain leaves, but drops some over time
What are the two leaf patterns of evergreens?
-broad leafed (tropical/sub-tropical)
-needled (temperate)
What is a weed?
-a misplaced plant such as daisies and sunflowers
What is an exotic plant?
Any plant not native to the area but not considered a weed
What plant is extremely invasive and the government paid money to plant it?
What is the Botanical System of Plant Classification?
-based on plants coming from one ancestor
-show all plants are somehow related
-Domain, KPCOFGS
What are the three domains?
-Eukarya (plants, animals, fungi, protists)
-Archaea (live in extreme environments)
What are the 5 major plant divisions and what are found in them?
1. Pterophyta = ferns
2. Cycadophyta = cycads
3. Ginkgophyta = ginkgos
4. Coniferophyta = conifers
5. Angiophyta = flowering plants
What division is most used ornamentally by gardeners?
-Angiophyta (flowering plants)
What are the two divisions of Angiophyta?
-monocotyledoneae (monocots) 50,000 species
-dicotyledoneae (dicots) 200,000 species
How do the vascular bundles differ in each angiophyta division? Leaves?
-mono: scattered with 3 flower parts and parrallel leaf venation (one leaf on seed)
-di: circular with 4 or 5 flower parts, branched veination, and two cotyledons
In the binomial system of nomenclature, what do you do to the name?
-italicize or underline it
When naming families, what denotes it as a "family"?
-ends in aceae
What makes flowers go in the same genus?
-similar in structure
-same choromosome numbers
What puts flowers in the same species?
-close appearance, structure, and development
-can sometimes interbreed
What does the variety name add to the genus and species?
-"true-to-type" from seed
-distinct character seperates species members
What is a cultivar?
-a specific variety that has been cultivated for a specific trait (retained with reproduction/cutting)
-put in single quotes and capitalized
What is a clone?
-a genetically identical plant derived from a mother plant by asexual reproduction (cuttings or tissue culture)