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What are some crop fruits native to the US?
-red rasperry/blackberry/dewberry
What are some crop vegetables native to the US?
-Tepary Bean
-Jerusalem Artichoke
What are some horticultural drugs?
-codeine and morphine
What is cocaine derived from?
Codeine and morphine?
Marijuana and hemp?
-from coca leaves (anesthetic)
-from latex in poppies (pain killer)
-extracted from opium (pain-killer)
-stems leaves and flower
-anti cancer drug from yew trees and shrubs
-heart medication from foxglove
What are some non-medicinal drugs used from horticultural crops?
Where are they from?
-Caffeine: from coffee seeds
-St. Johns Wort: anti-depressent
-Ginkgo: memory enhancer
-Echinacea: reduced symptoms of the common cold
-Ginseng: stimulant, multi-purpose
What are the multitudes of benefits of Ginseng?
-memory improvement and stress reduction
-normalization of blood pressure and sugars
-immune system enhancement
-libido enhancement
-lowering cholesterol
-prevention of blood clots
-energy and stamina
What are condiments?
-spices and products that enhance flavor of foods
What are spices?
-traditionally referred to the tropical aromatics only
What are herbs?
-refer specifically to the leaves and seeds of certain temperate-zone plants
What are some common spices and where do they come from?
-allspice: dried berries evergreen from S. and central america
-cinnamon: bark of from tropical Asia
-clove: dried buds of evergreen tree in E. India and Moluccas or spice islands of Indonesia
-ginger: rhizome
-mustard: from a seed
What is clove used for?
-clove oil as toothache cure and is highly antiseptic
What did Attila demand for the ransom of Rome?
-3,000 lb of pepper
Where does the best pepper come from?
-Malabar coast of India
Where does nutmeg come from?
-a tropical, dioecious evergreen tree native to the Moluccas or spice islands of Indonesia
When did nutmeg become important?
-1600 Dutch introduced as expensive commercial spice of the Western World
Who were the first people to use vanilla? Who took it from them?
After the Aztecs, who took the vanilla?
-Totonaco Indians of Mexico
-Hernando Cortez in 1519, who took to Spain
What was vanilla used for once in Spain?
-drink of nobility by combining with cocoa
-in 1602 Hugh Morgan suggested using alone as flavoring (Dutch East India founded)
-Jefferson brought back from France in 1789
What are some uses of vanilla besides flavoring?
-settle stomach
-aroma therapy