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Define agriculture.
The technology of raising plants and animals.
Define horticulture.
What does Hortus and Culturae mean?
-The science and art of cultivating, processing, and marketing of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and ornamental plants.
-Hortus means garden
-Culturae means cultivate
What is a horticultural crop?
-a crop which is labor-intensive, has high costs to produce, and is typically one that is eaten fresh
What horticultural plant is still picked by hand in New England?
What is an agronomic crop?
-a low-input crop and is typically used dry and refined (ex. grains for flour, bread, cereal)
What are forestry crops?
-Forest trees and their products
What is pomology?
-science and practice of fruit culture
-science and practice of grape culture
-science and art of making wine
What is Shelburne falls and who created it and when?
-a model agricultural estate founded as a nonprofit educational farm in 1886 (founded in 1972) by William Seward and Lila Vanderbilt Webb
What is Olericulture?
-the science and practice of growing vegetables
What is ornamental horticulture?
-cultivation of plants for aesthetics
What is Aboraculture?
-the science and art of growing and caring for ornamental trees
What is Floriculture?
-the science and art of cultivating and arranging ornamental flowering plants
What is landscape horticulture?
-professional design, selection, and installation of landscape plants
Which landscape jobs don't need to be accredited?
-landscape designer
What is horticultural therapy?
-using plants as therapy for disabled/challenged patients for motor skill development and stress/anger reduction
What is interiorscaping?
-design, installation, and maintenance of plants indoors
How much can a well landscaped home increase property value?
What are the three climate groups of fruits?
How about vegetables climate groups?
-warm season
-cold season
How much vanilla is used as flavoring?
How about fragrance?
-very little, most synthetic
What is the ratio ingredients for certified vanilla?
-13.35 ounces vanilla in one gallon of (35%)alcohol and (65%) water mixture