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When did agriculture begin and what did this include?
-7,000 to 10,000 years ago
-cultivation of edible plants and domestication of animals
Where did agriculture begin?
-Mexico, Central and South America
What was developed between 6,000 and 2,000 years ago in Mesopotamia?
-irrigation system
What fruits were from Mesopotamia?
What did the egyptians develop?
What plants were domesticated in Mexico and Peru around 5,500 BC?
In Peru, what were the two places for plant domestication?
When were they discovered?
-Machu Pichu
In 5,000 BC what did Eastern China Culture?
Who was the Father of Botony?
What are three defining features of him?
-Pupil of Aristotle
-Wrote about plants
What are the Romans attributed for adding to agriculture?
-Improving Greek practices
-Crop rotation
-Soil Fertility
-Plant Grafting
-Garden Tools
What occurred during the dark ages?
-Little European advancements
-Plants and records maintained in monastery gardens
-Meteria Medica written
What advances were made in the middle ages?
-Very Little
What occurred during the Renaissance period?
-landscape designs become part of culture
-Palace of Versailles in France
Who were the explorers that were well noted in the age of exploration?
-Christopher Columbus
-John Cabot
-Francis Drake
-Ferninand Magellan
-James Cook
Which explorer was first to circumnavigate the world?
-Ferndinand Magellan
What were some of the first fruit and nut horticulture contributions?
-Black Walnut
What were some of the vegetables to contribute to the start of horticulture?
-Sweet Potato
-Kidney/Lima Beans
Describe the importance of Bartrams Garden.
-John Bartram discovered Franklinia alatamaha and built this first botanical garden
-Garden locatated in Fairmont Park in Philadelphia, PA
-Bartram named greatest natural botonist
What flowers are part of the Orient plant exploration?
What is, and who developed, the binomial system fo nomenclature?
-A two name system that never changes, made of a genus and specific epithet
-Carl Von Linnae
What created the Landgrant colleges and when?
-The Morrill act in 1862
Who was the father of American Horticulture? What is he known for?
-Liberty Hyde Bailey
-Wrote Hortus which listed latin names of cultivated plants
Who was the Father of Landscape Architecture?
What did do?
-Frederick Law Olmstead
-Designed Central Park in NYC in 1858
Who used peas for genetics?
-Gregor Mendel
When was inorganic fertilizer developed?
When were agricultural chemicals introduced?
What did this include?
-herbicides, fungicides, insecticides
What were the timeline occurances for 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990?
-farm mechanization
-Rachel Carlson's "Silent Spring" and food shortage
-Energy Crisis. Bad for Greenhouses
-Plant tissue culture and improved mechanical planting and harvesting
-gene mapping and isolation