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What is the definition of disease in plants?
-any kind of inuriuos abnormality
What are the two categories of disease in plants?
-physiological (environment)
-other living organisms (pathogens)
What is a pathogen?
-biological agent that causes the injury
-insecets, bacteria, fungi, viruses, nematodes, etc.
What is the defintion of parasite?
-an organism that derives nourishment from another living organism
What is a host?
-an organism that provides nourishment to another
What is an obligate host?
-organism that can only survive on the living host
What is a host range?
-list of several different plants that some parasites can feed off of
What is the definition of bacteria used in this course?
-one celled organism that enters through wounds and causes rot
What is the definition of fungi in this class?
-multi celled organisms that are either sprophytes or parasites such as molds and mildews
-causes decay of plants
How do you perform bacterial disease control?
-start with clean pots, media, and tools
-start with clean seed or healthy transplants
-use drip irrigation or water in morning to evaporate by evening
How do antibiotics work for trees?
-must be injected
-very costly
-only temporary effects
-no topical sprays yet that work
How do you perform fungal disease control?
-start with clean pots, media, tools, seeds, or healthy transplants
-use drip irrigation or water in morning for evaporation by evening
-fungicides can be used as liquid drech, spray, or powder
What are two synthetic fingicides?
What is the definition of virus for this class?
-infectious particles made up of nucleic acids with a protein coat
-obligate parasites
-no control methods
What are nematodes in this class?
-unsegmented worms that feed on roots and create wounds for bacteria and fungi to enter
How does actual damage occur to plants?
-direct feeding
-secretion of toxic substances
-secondary organism enters wound
What is the most common symptom of plant damage/disease?
What else can you look for in a plant that may be damaged/diseased?
-evidence of organism (web, tunnels, wax, etc)