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What is mitosis?
-a form of cell division
-end with same number of chromosomes you started with
-leads to plant growth
What is the region of cell growth?
List the three types of plant cells from softest to hardest
-schlerenchyma (for support)
What are roots used for?
-absorb mineral nutrients
-absorb water
-store CHO's and water
What are the parts of a root?
-root cap
-zone of elongation
-maturation zone
What types of plants have taproots?
-nut trees (pecans, hickory, oaks, walnutes)
What type of plants have fibrous roots?
-turf grass
What is a radicle?
-a root from the seed
-What are adventitious roots?
-arise from places they normally would not be found (such as ivy)
What are "air" roots?
-found on orchids which are special coverings which absorbs water and mineral nutrients like a sponge