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What are the 4 ways of asexual propagation?
When doing cuttage, what are some things to consider?
-rooting medium such as vermiculite and perlite, sand, or water
-sterile/clean containers
-rooting powders or liquids
What types of plants do cuttings wok on?
What is needed to take a cuttage (length/nodes)?
-3-5" for herbaceous, 6-8" for softwood/hardwood
-minimum of 2 nodes
What are 7 factors affecting rooting in cuttage?
-age of stock plant
-nutrients in stock plant
-flowers buds present/absent
-temperature (top vs bottom)
-application of auxins
-moisture/aeration of medium
When is it best to take cuttings of woody plants?
-deciduous best in fall/winter when dormant
+narrow leaved evergreens best in fall/winter
+broadleaved evergreens best in summer
When is it best to take herbaceous cuttings?
-during spring with new growth
What are three types of cuttings?