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what kind of symmetry do pseudocoelomates have?
what kind of tissue layer?
what is pseudocoel? do they all have it?
fluid-filled body cavity---some have it
what sizes are pseudocoelomates?
they have a large variation in sizes.
what kind of epidermis and what do they look like?
syncytial and unsegmented
what kind of muscles do pseudocoelomates have?
longitudinal muscle fibers
Which of the pseudocoelomates do not have a complete disgestive tract?
what are 3 aspects of their reproductive stuff?
male smaller than female
sexual dimorphism
1 gender bigger than the other--- fmeles need more room for eggs
what is the pseudocoelomates respiratory system like?
they don't have one
excretory system for pseudocoelomates?
some have canals and protonephridia
what is the nervous system like for pseudocoelomates?
cerebral ganglia
or nerve rings
sense organs
Phylum Nemertinea, have what present?
cilia and rhabdites, no coelem
Phjylum Nemertinea has a reversible---what? and what is it and where it is located?
proboscis---invaginable organ for attachement and feeding---in rhynchochoel
fluid in Phylum Nemertinea may contain:
what is special about Phylum Gastrotricha?
they have a furca
what are the two eggs types of Phylum Gastrotricha?
dormant and a type that hatches after 4-5 days
Phylum Acanthocephala do not have a ...
digestive tract
all in Phylum Acanthocephala are....
endoparasites with a 2 host lifecycle
with Phylum Acanthocephala morphology split into 2
Presoma: proboscis + neck
Metasoma: rest of body
in showing pic of Phylum Acanthocephala
Saeftigen's pouch, cement glands, testes

Phylum Nematoda, what is excretory system like?
Tubular H-shaped system with renette cells to osmotically regulate system
some in Phylum Nematoda a facultative meaning...
Parasitic and free-living stages in life cycle
Phylum Nematoda: Class Aphasmidae
amphids, phasmids
what are amphids and what class and phylum are they found?
tactile receptors that are well developed behind mouth and lips
Phylum Nematoda, Class Aphasmidae
what are phasmids and whatr class/phylum are they found?
Sensory pits on posterior extremities

Phylum Nematoda and Class Aphasmidae
In Trichinella---what phylum/order
Phylum Nematoda
Order Trichurata
what is lifecycle of Trichinella?
you get it from undercooked pig, human, bear.
cyst is freed by digestive enzymes.
females embed into walls of intestines.
larvae in blood.
encyst in muscle.
what phylum and order is the pharynx divided into 3 areas?
Phylum Nematoda, Order Rhabditata
Males have well developed copulatory bursa
Phylum Nematoda
Order Strongylata
adult in human intestine
relased in feces.
larva enters through skin
man infected by ingesting infected eggs.
cough swallow
Phylum Nematoda: Order Oxyurata
Pinworms. enterobius
Phylum Nematoda: Order Filiarata
Wuchereria causes