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When a bar magnet is broken in two equal pieces
each piece is half as strong as the original magnet
The Doppler effect is characteristic of
all kind of waves
Red sunsets are due to red frequencies of light that survive being
scattered in the air
The natural frequency of an object depends on its
elasticity, and size and shape
The source of all wave motion is
a vibrating object
The sky is blue because
air molecules in the sky act as tiny resonators that scatter blue light
Current flows through
a circuit
In a longitudinal wave, the compressions and rarefactions travel
same direction
The electrical forces between charges depend on the
magnitude of electric charges, and separation distance between electric charges
Glass is transparent to light of wave frequencies that are
below its natural frequencies
Changing the magnetic field intensity in a closed loop of wires induces
current, and voltage
A wave barrier is produced when a wave source moves
as fast as the waves it produces
Food in a pressure cooker is cooked faster because of
the higher temperature
Steam burns are more damaging than burns caused by boiling water because
steam has more energy per kilogram than boiling water, and gives up additional energy when it condenses
Evaporation is a cooling process and condensation is a
warming process
An observer on the ground hears a sonic boom, which is created by an airplane flying at a speed
greater than the speed of sound
Glass is opaque to light with wave frequencies that
match its natural frequencies
A device that transforms electrical energy to mechanical energy is
a motor
The phenomenon of beats results from
sound interference
In science, an educated guess is a
Magnetic domains normally occur in
Sound waves can interfere with one another so that
no sound results