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parallelogram area?
ellipse area?
trapezoid area?
cube volume?
rectangular prism volume?
cylinder volume?
pyramid volume?
cone volume?
sphere volume?
ellipsoid volume?
cube surface area?
rectangular prism surface area?
2(ab)+ 2(ac) +2(bc)
sphere surface area?
in a 45-45-90 right triangle what are side lengths
x, x, and x√2
in a 30-60-90 right triangle- what are the side lengths
x, x√3 and 2x
if A is area of equilateral triangle with sides s, what is area of A
A= (s²√3)¼
what are 2 triangle inequality theorems?
a+b>c and a-b<c
what is the sum of all four angles of parallelogram?
360 degrees
what is properties of parallelograms
opposite sides are equal
opposite angles are equal
adjacent angles add up to 180 degrees
the diagonals bisect each other
what is the formula for the length of an arc in x degrees?
what is formula for the area of a sector formed by an arc?
what is equation for the nth term of arithmetic sequence whose common difference is d?
A(n)= A(1) + (n-1)d
what is equation for the nth term of geometric sequence whose common ratio is r?
A(n)= A(1)r^(n-1)
for systems of linear equations like what is xy if 2x+y=10 and x-y=2 what do u do?
add or subtract the equations (xy=8)
for solving something w/ variable in denominator what do u do
multiply all terms by variable to get variable out of denominator
is one a prime number
is 0 an even integer?
what are sets?
collections of elements or members
what is a union of sets and what is the symbol?
a union of sets consists of all elements in A and B
symbol is U so AUB
what is intersection of sets and what is the symbol?
a set consisting of only elements that are in both A and B sets
symbol is backwards U (П) so AПB
what is solution set?
set of numbers that satisfies the equation