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What are the major characteristics of lament psalms?
1. Cry to the Lord for deliverance
2. Hardship related to the psalmist's enemies
3. Affirmation of trust & deliverance
What is the theology of psalms of lament?
1. Look to God in suffering
2. Trust God
3. Express pain
What are the categories for trust in the lament psalms?
1. You are able to deliver, I know you will
2. Plz do so now
3. Why haven't you yet?
4. Nothing has happened and I'm in a dark place
What are the 4 elements to consider in psalms of lament?
1. Psalmist asks God to judge him according to his righteousness.
2. Assumes God will deliver him from his trials
3. Assumes God will judge the wicked
4. Calls for judgement on his enemies
What is the psalmist's basic worldview?
Those who embrace the covenant from the heart can expect blessing in this life from their covenant Lord whereas those who reject it can expect cursing in this life from the covenant Lord.