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Mapp v. Ohio
searching for fugitive & found lewd material

(incorporated exclusionary rule)
Terry v. Ohio
guys pacing in front of jewelry store

(created "reasonable suspicion)
Kyllo v. U.S.
Thermal imaging to find drug growth

(can't use things that aren't available to general public)
Bond v. U.S.
Border patrol onto bus away from border

(physical inspection not same as visual)
Griswold v. Connecticut
PP giving advice about contraceptives

(created privacy w/ penumbra)
U.S. v. Virginia
VMI & woman accepted
Gideon v. Wainwright
he was denied counsel

(incorporated right to counsel)
Miranda v. Arizona
didn't know about his right to silence or right to attorney

(created Miranda Rights)
Illinois v. Caballles
drug sniffing dogs OK
Lawrence v. Texas
private sexual acts between two consenting adults behind closed doors OK
Brown v. Board of Education
girl wanted to go to white school because it was closer

(removed "separate but equal")
Boumediene v. Bush
Algerians arrested in Bosnia for attempting to blow-up US embassy; taken to guantanamo