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What FID is used to start Career Sea Pay?
What are the four FID’s used for gaining a member?
SB03- Report Leave Status
SG03- Report PCS Arrival
SC04- Change LES Address Update
LG04- Change Activity UIC
What form is “Authority to Start, Stop or Change an Allotment?”
DD Form 2558
What verb is used to look up 5 Year Tax History?
What form is used for payment of Death Gratuity?
DD Form 397
How many total allotments can a member have?
15 total allotments
FICA is deducted at what percentage?
What is a DD 2058?
State of Legal Residency Certificate
What are the three subcategories of Family Separation Allowance-II?
FSA-R/ payable when transportation of dependents is not authorized by government expense and the dependents do not live in the vicinity of the member's pds.

FSA-T/ payable when a member is on continuous TDY for more than 30 days while the family stays in the vicinity of the pds.

FSA-S/ payable when the member is onboard a ship and it is continuously away from homeport for more than 30 days.
What does an SH03?
Report a Change of Station (a projected arrival date)
What line in MMPA shows Leave earned in a Tax Free Zone?
What is the SF1219?
Statement of accountability
What is the DD1131?
It’s a Cash collection Voucher
What is the verb RAVC used for?
Used to check Travel Advancements
What does the SJ03 FID do?
Reports absences without official leave (UA)
What does the SK03 FID do?
Reports a confinement period
When a member is on TAD orders, what percentage of the Commercial Meal Rate?
(CMR) is paid on the first and last day of travel?
Yes, both first and last day
What is a DB?
It's a debt for SGLI
What does the FJ04 FID do?
It changes a federal tax withholding
What is a DS?
An indebtedness for other, usually something like government expenses, like the NEX
What is the form for Advance pay?
DD Form 2560
What is the form for a WAIVER/REMISSION of Indebtedness Application?
DD Form 2789
What does SJ04 do?
Changes a member's SA [Active Duty Status] to the UA Status
What is the FID for the Montgomery GI Bill?
What is the FID to check someone's leave balance?
What is an SF 215?
Deposit Tickets
How many parts are in an SF 215?
SF 215, SF 215a, SF 215b, SF 215c, SF 215d.
What is a DD Form 139?
A Pay Adjustment Authorization Form.
What is an SF 5515?
A Debt Voucher.
What is DD Form 1081?
A Statement of Agent Officer's Account.