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Luisa has been in sales about three years. In that time she has learned that different sales presentations are necessary for different customers. In fact, she will often change her presentation during her sales calls depending upon the nature of the selling situation she encounters. Luisa is using:
adaptive selling
When LeAnn called on a long-time customer, she realized that the man was upset and took the time to listen to his problem. She was able to sympathize with the customer's recent loss of a pet by using her:
emotional intelligence.
Caitlin Gold has sold business textbooks for seventeen years. She makes it a point to try to create a personal relationship with her customers. When a committee of professors selected a new marketing book, her book was one of the three finalists. Because the committee chairperson considered herself a close friend of Gold, she convinced the committee to select Gold's text over the other options. The committee chairperson trusted Gold to provide a good text at a fair price. This is an example of a:
relational partnership
As Azi traveled across the state of Tennessee, he stopped and bought gas, a soda and a bag of corn chips at a small convenience store that he will probably never visit again. Azi engaged in a:
market exchange.
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the standard memorized sales presentation?

It ensures the salesperson will provide complete and accurate information about the company's products and policies.

b. It is very effective for telemarketing.

c. The beginning salesperson can quickly gain confidence.

d. It is based on a detailed analysis of the individual customer's situation and needs.

e. It can combine the best elements of the presentations used by a firm's best salespeople.
It is based on a detailed analysis of the individual customer's situation and needs.
Which of the following statements about applicant information sources is FALSE?

A. An application form should include factual questions concerning the profile the company established for the position.
B. Contacting references is a good way to validate information on the application form.
C. The most frequently contacted references are former professors.
D. Experienced sales managers expect to hear favorable comments when they contact an applicant's references. 0%
E. You should choose a variety of references that can provide different information about you.
The most frequently contacted references are former professors.
When identifying a customer's social style, salespeople should:

a. not let their judgment be clouded by their initial reaction to the customer

b. look for clues that may suggest he or she has made an inaccurate assessment of a customer's social style

c. ask questions rather than make statements

d. avoid assuming that specific jobs or functions are associated with a particular social style

e. do all of the above
e. do all of the above
When the purchasing agent bought an order of sheet aluminum (used to make cans) from a new supplier, the salesperson stated he could deliver on a week's notice, but when the agent placed his first order, he was told that he could expect to receive it in about six weeks. The person salesperson had violated the _____ that the salesperson had made.
expressed warranty
Even though personal selling is the most expensive method of communication on a per person reached basis, businesses continue to use personal selling because of advantages in:
flexibility and control.
Larry, an inexperienced sales rep, has asked you to suggest ways to deal with potential ethical problems. What is your advice?
Develop and maintain a personal code of ethics.
Tyler is paying careful attention to what Jack (her prospect) says and sorting out relevant facts from all the statements. With eye contact and nods of her head, she tells Jack she's interested in what Jack is saying. Tyler is engaged in:
active listening.
Darryl wants to go to Panama City with some friends this weekend, but his best customer is opening a new store and Darryl thinks he should be there. Darryl's dilemma is an example of:
role conflict
Which of the following is the BEST example of a salesperson engaging in deliberate deception?

a. The sales clerk at JCPenney told the woman, "That swimsuit makes you look 5 pounds thinner."

b. The salesperson for the plant nursery offered to give the buyer an extra bush if he bought two dozen.

c. The swimming pool salesperson neglected to tell the buyer that he would have to pay an additional $2,000 to have the ground prepared for the bargain $1,200 pool he just bought.

d. The wholesale flower seller claimed that his flowers were so beautiful that they almost looked artificial.

e. The computer salesperson offered the buyer a free one-year service contract for buying a computer during this month.
The swimming pool salesperson neglected to tell the buyer that he would have to pay an additional $2,000 to have the ground prepared for the bargain $1,200 pool he just bought.
When we consider the distance involved, it is correct to say most students in a classroom are seated in the professor's _____ zone.
Which of the following statements about complaints is FALSE?

a. The customer must perceive the settlement of the complaint as being fair.

b. The settlement that will be provided must be clearly communicated.

c. A salesperson settling a claim should educate the customer to forestall future claims.

d. A fair settlement made in the customer's favor helps resell the company and its products.

e. A customer who doesn't complain is a happy customer.
A customer who doesn't complain is a happy customer.
______________________ are employees who sell to a network of distributors.
Trade salespeople
_____ occurs when the Claycraft salesperson attempts to sell fiberglass planters to a buyer of bird baths.
Which of the following statements about upgrading is true?

a. It is also called suggestion selling.

b. The objective of upgrading is to expand the seller's business by selling to the customer in ever larger quantities.

c. To upgrade a customer the salesperson must usually show that the initial purchase was not exactly what the customer needed.

d. Upgrading is crucial to sellers, because without it their customers might turn to other suppliers when they need new equipment.

e. All of the above statements about upgrading are true.
Upgrading is crucial to sellers, because without it their customers might turn to other suppliers when they need new equipment.
It is late in the day when Reginald calls on his favorite customer. The customer is tired but invites him in and sits back with his hands and legs open. Reginald interprets this body language as:
Hurricane Mitch was the most devastating storm to ever hit Central America. Roger Conrado, a salesperson for ExxonMobil Chemical in that area, knew that the large paint manufacturer that was his key client in Honduras would want to get up and running as soon possible to help with the rebuilding effort. To keep the customer supplied with the chemicals it needed, Conrado proactively found trucks and the truck drivers willing to drive the 100 extra miles and ford streams to get ExxonMobil Chemical products to the manufacturer as soon as possible. What stage of the building of the long-term partnership does this example describe?
Ursula is in the middle of a serious negotiation with her customer. She is not sure what the customer meant by his last statement. Ursula should ___________________ in order to verify her customer's intent.
restate the customer's comment
Shaking hands should:
be the prospect's choice.
Universities constantly send information, promotions and solicitations to their graduates, even recent graduates who are unlikely to make major donations to the school. Universities know if they can create loyalty, the _______________________ or sum of graduates' purchases and donations over their entire life can be considerable.
customer lifetime value
As you seek a job in sales, it is important that you understand your own needs. Which of the following questions is one you should ask yourself to help you determine what motivates you?
Am I propelled more by financial incentives, personal recognition or the satisfaction of just getting a task completed?
Common law:
grows out of court decisions.
Robert smiles a lot when he makes presentations to prospective buyers of his product. He says he uses the smile to communicate the idea he is a friendly, helpful salesperson. In terms of the communication process, translating this idea into a smile is his way of:
_____ résumés are a form of life history, organized by type of experience.
C. Conventional
Which of the following statements about a job interview is true?

a. One difference between sales calls and job interviews is that both parties have needs that will have to be defined during the meeting.

b. Most interviewers would think you were excessively insecure if you took notes during a job interview.

c. It is particularly important when interviewing for a sales job that you demonstrate your ability to converse with a stranger. Do not allow periods of silence for any reason during the interview.

d. It is important not to seem over eager in your initial interview, so avoid asking for a commitment from your interviewer at this time.

e. Be sure to learn when you can expect to hear from the company.
Be sure to learn when you can expect to hear from the company.
In terms of the social style matrix, James is best described as a supportive risk avoider who moves and speaks slowly and deliberately. He is cool and aloof and never shows any emotion. Into which quadrant does this information place James?
"If you'd follow my instructions more carefully and focus on getting the job done, you'd be a lot more successful." These instructions tell you the person giving them is most likely a(n):
Which of the following is the BEST example of a solo market exchange?

a. Jimmy buys a new suit from a tailor who visits his offices quarterly.

b. Mariah purchases a bag of corn chips from the convenience store nearest to her home.

c. After the flood damaged his home in Des Moines, Jon hired a waste management company to haul away the rotten carpeting in front of his house.

d. Sunil purchases a service contract from a cleaning company, which will clean his home one day a week.

e. On his way home from calling on a new prospect who was unwilling to buy, Fred stopped to talk to his insurance agent about additional life insurance.
After the flood damaged his home in Des Moines, Jon hired a waste management company to haul away the rotten carpeting in front of his house.
The salesperson for Fashion Seal Uniforms is telling the owner of fifteen retirement homes how important it is that caregivers have clean and attractive uniforms that will withstand countless hot water washes. The salesperson has brought several styles of uniforms that have been washed hundreds of times to show how well his company's uniforms are made. The owner of the retirement homes tells the salesperson that she is planning on opening one new center every six months for the next ten years and will need a lot of uniforms. Then the owner agrees to buy six, but with no commitment to extend the relationship. This is an example of which stage of the relationship development process?
The career objective statement portion of a résumé is often troubling for college students because a specific statement that is on target for one job may remove the student from consideration for others. What is the text's advice about objective statements?
Have several résumés, each with a different career objective statement.
Sandra has decided to hire her own sales force as the sole method of marketing her products. She has decided to use a ______________________ strategy.
sales-force intensive
When Tony sells his company's line of wind chimes to Tom King, the owner of King's Nursery, he carries one with him and illustrates its melodious sound to the customer. When Tony sells his company's line of wind chimes to Milt Pressley, the owner of Franklin Hardware, he shows Pressley the sales projections for next year. This ability to vary his sales presentation according to social styles indicates that Tony has a high degree of:
Carla's responsibilities include customers, vendors, and finance. Carla is a(n):
boundary-spanning employee.
Salespeople engage in _____ when they ignore a purchasing agent's (PA) policy against contacting other employees without the PA's permission, go around the PA's back, and contact other people involved in the purchasing decision directly.
backdoor selling
Gordon is searching his company's CRM system. In the system Gordon is likely to find all of the following EXCEPT:

a. policy manuals

b. sales literature

c. price lists

d. EPA regulations

e. product descriptions
EPA regulations
The text defines personal selling as a business activity involving a person-to-person communication process during which a seller:
uncovers and satisfies the needs of a buyer to the mutual long-term benefit of both parties
To improve the likelihood of reorders, a salesperson can:
establish a good relationship with the customer's service personnel.
After building awareness, the next stage of partnership building is:
Which of the following is an example of a kickback?

A. Barry slips the receptionist $20 so he can get an interview with her boss.
B. Lori buys the purchasing agent of Lincoln Electrical Company an extravagant lunch to cement their friendship.
C. Payton shares industrial secrets with one of his competitors.
D. Chantal pays a department store buyer 5 percent of all orders placed by the store.
E. Andrew pays the government official $200 to speed up the licensing process.
Chantal pays a department store buyer 5 percent of all orders placed by the store.
As a general rule, the text states companies look for three qualities in salespeople. They are:
good communication skills, self-motivation and a positive attitude
Franco raises fish as a hobby. For the last nine years he has gone to Fins-to-You, a local pet store that specializes in tropical fish and aquarium supplies for all of his needs―from fish food to aquarium heaters to replacement fish. Which of the following terms best describes the relationship Franco has with Fins-to-You?
functional relationship
From a buyer's perspective, value in a purchase decision equals:
the benefits received - (the selling price + time and effort to purchase).
The first thing a salesperson should do in dealing with a customer's complaint is:
encourage the customer to tell his or her whole story