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# Why did the famous English Bishop fail in his talk to motivate the troops at camp Upton?
He didn't know the purpose of his talk or how to accomplish it
# What is meant by the "purpose of a talk?"
Every talk has one of four goals
# What are the four goals of a talk?
1. To persuade of give action 2. To inform 3. To impress & Convince 4. To entertain
# How did Lincoln do in his talk to entertain? Explain.
He failed. He didn't know how to achieve the goal of entertainment
# Why do so many speakers flounder and come to grief?
Because people fail to line their talks purpose w/ the purpose of the meeting
# Learn from the mistake of the U.S. Congressman and fit your purpose of your talk to two things-what are they?
audience & occasion
# In Carnegie's classes, he learned how the old traditional talk formula used with the purpose to actuate failed. What new magic formula of speech construction did he come up with?
Example, Point, Reason
# This formula is ideal for what types of talks?
Swift paced way of life
# The first step of this formula is to give your example taken from where?
an incident
# How much of your talk will this first step take up?
major portion
# What are the two ways that Psychologists say we learn?
law of exercise, law of effect
# What are four suggestions given to help make the example step of your action talk clear, intense, and meaningful?
Build your example upon a single Personal EXPERIENCE, Start your talk with a Detail of your EXAMPLE, fill your example with Relevant DETAIL, RELIVE your experience as you relate it
# What is one of the oldest communication devices in the world to get attention?
Use an example
# The secret in filling your example with relevant detail is to select only those details that will serve what?
emphasize the point and reason of the talk
# The abundance of detail given in the talk by a Carnegie student on page 111 made it easy for the audience to project themselves into the picture. After all, what is your purpose?
Make your audience see, hear and feel what you did
# Speaking approaches its sister field of acting and all great speakers have a certain quality. What is the quality?
Sense of the dramatic
# What will happen to the listeners as you put more action and excitement into your telling of an incident?
the more it will make an IMPRESSION on your listeners
# In stating your point, it is suggested that you reverse the newspaper technique. What does this mean?
tell your story, then give the HEADLINE
# What are three rules given to accomplish the newspaper technique?
1. Make point BRIEF and specific 2. Make the point EASY for listeners to d 3. State the point with force and CONVICTION
# In giving the reason or benefit the audience may expect, what are two suggestions to remember in giving the reason?
1. Be sure reason is revelant to the example 2. Be sure to stress one reason and one only