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Who were the delegates at the constitutional convention primarily oriented towards?
their States
How were US senators originally elected, as laid out in the constitution?
indirectly by the people through state legislatures that appointed them
Plan ultimately adopted in the issue of state representation in the Am. Govt?
Conneticut Plan
how many amendments to the constitution are there currently
The US is considered to have a fed system due to the fact that...
it contains both national and state govts
Articles of Confederation placed most of the power in the hands of
Individual states
Which article of the constitution deals with the judicial branch?
Dual federalism is compared to ?
layer cake
people elect representatives that make policy and write laws is called a?
How did the Framers try to protect against the effects of excessive democracy?
All of the above: staggered elections, electoral college, indirect elections, separation of powers
During the CC, ________ states gravitated toward the _________ Plan, whereas ________ states favored the __________.
larger, Virginia, smaller, new jersey
Each state receives how many votes in the electoral college?
House seats + senate seats
House seats + senate seats
There are _____ electoral college votes total but a candidate must receive _____ votes to win the presidency.
538; 270
Alabama has how many electoral college votes?
Not a formal power of press granted by the constitution or by law?
Line-item veto
gerrymandering by spreading out voters of a particular type among many districts?
Which is the major factor in presidential approval ratings?
president, house, senators, supreme court?
4 year, 2 year, 6 year, life
congressional committees that are temporary and often serve a specific purpose?
Select committees
branches from highest to lowest by approval ratings?
supreme, pres, congress
best definition of divided govt
one house of congress and president are of different parties
after the data from the next census is released, bama gains a house seat and mississippi loses a seat.. what is this process called
dual citizenship
US citizen who is also a citizen of a state
Devolution refers to the transfer of _____ from _____ to _____ governments.
authority, national, state
Article of executive branch
article 2
british govt viewed the Boston Tea Party as an act of?
Fact that california cannot charge non-californians a higher sales tax is the result of:
equal privileges and immunities clause
3/5 compromise
how to measure states population size for representation in congress
One reason electoral college is used for choosing president
founders feared the press might be beholden to the US house if it were allowed to choose
in terms of electoral college votes, all of the following states have "winner take all" philosophy except?
Maine and Nebraska
Not a prerequisite for office for a congress person?
Unlimited free postal service use for any and all mail items
They do get: franking, domestic and foreign travel expenses, congressional pay
How many votes to end a filibuster?
cabinets are called head except which one
department of justice
term for granting of authority by congress to the president to be the first or main (something) in a policy area
____ begins impeachment proceedings, then case moves to ____ where it is presided over the ____?
house of reps, senate, chief justice of supreme court
Due to what researchers call the incumbency effect, _____ of congressional incumbents are reelected
democratic caucus and republican_____
president has right to prevent advice from becoming public
executive privilege
term for 2 house legislature
prior restraint refers to?
actions that prevent speech from being uttered
govt is not supposed to designate any official religion.
Establishment Clause
article that deals with judicial
article 3
right of someone accused of crime
all above
supreme court used _____ process to apply bill of rights to state using _____ amendment
incorporation, 14th
3/5 compromise dealt with
how to measure states population size
harry truman ex orders 9980 made _____ the first desegregated institution
US military
discuss case and cast preliminary votes, sup court
Civil Rights
guarantees of equal oppurtunities, privileges and treatment under law
began by focusing on legal strategies, executive and legislative strategies, finally lobbied with executive branch
Sherbert v Verner
freedom of religion and free exercise clause
equal rights amendment
womens suffrage amendment
ruling slaves were not considered US citizens
dred scott v Stanford
civil rights amendments
13 14 15
separate educational facilities are inherently unequal
Brown v board of education
slavery de facto constituion
3/5, importation, fugitive slaves must be returned to their owners
plessy v ferguson
segregation was ruled constituional so long as "seperate but equal" held true
Not an external limit on supreme court
all of the above
marbury v madison
judicial review
alabamas federal court circuti
current supreme court justices
sotomayor, breyer, alito, kagan, scalia, kennedy, ginsburg
majority side of ruling outlines additional considerations he thinks are important is called
concurring opinion
_ of _ to write of writ of cert
4 of 9
US supreme court was established by
1st african american on supreme court
thurgood marshall
which of the following statements about US district court is true
vast majority of cases involving federal law are first tried in district courts
founding fathers had what in mind for fed court system
all of above
special federal courts?
fed claims, bankruptcy, international trade
-civil liberties is not one
in freedom of speech, burden of proof that speech restrictions are reasonable or unreasonable has
shifted from individuals to govt
all of the following types of speech are protected by 1st?
non of above
libel, slander, commercial speech, obscenity
Parties do not organize around
specific issues
3rd parties are often formed around all of the following except
specific nationality
____ exercise political power by having their members elected, while ____ lobby
political parties, interest group
due to incumbency, almost __ of congressional incumbents are reelected
Which article of the constitution refers to political parties
none at all
In 2006 Bushs low approval ratings led to republicans losing seats. this is due to parties being like
brand names
which has not risen above the status of third party
which election years ussually have the best turnout
first to refuse public funds
not a valence issue
primary in which only registered independent voters may choose the party they vote for is known as a
modified open party
not eligible to become super delegates
all of the above are eligible
party associated with a proportional primary
voting based on previous performance
____, ____, and _____ are biggest factors for voters when making a choice
parisanship, issues, and canidate appraisal
physcological state where someones are inconsistent with others is
cognitive dissonance
not objective of canidate
increase turnout among other party' identifiers
invisible primary
winner of polling preprimaries,
winner of fundraising
for media to have an effect on voters choice all must be present
exposure, comprehension, receptivity
defense spending has become more importnat to voters after news shows a five part thing about defense
moneys of campaign
hard, soft, public
coordinated of expenditure
paying for a poll that will be used explicitly by a canidate or party during a campaign
valerie plame
all of the following are limitations of media influence
selective perception, retention, exposure
____ has first primary and ____ has first caucus
new hampshire, iowa
percent that votes for their parties canidate
____ protect reporters from being required to reveal their sources; they are almost exclusively found at the ___ level
shield laws, state
most important location for political socialization
prior restraint
actions that prevent speech before it was uttered
which of the following do economists use to measure inflationary trends when deciding economic policy
consumer price index
to the elderly
poor and disabled