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continuous whole or series; an element or thing whose parts can't be separated or separately discerned
to form a hypothesis, meaning to provide a tentative but logical foundation for further investigation; to assume or suppose
knowledge based on experimental method and observation vs. theory or supposition
role learning
social process by which children learn various roles and the characteristics associated with them such as neighbor, friend, student, sibling, daughter, or son
collective ritual
groups of people engaging in a set (often traditional) form of rites and practices such as a religious ceremony or athletic event
Title IX
"no person on the basis of sex shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, etc."
disproportionate allocation of athletes to central (e.g. quarterback) and noncentral (e.g. offensive tackle) positions as a function of their race or ethnicity
sport sociology
subdiscipline of sociology that studies sport as part of social and cultural life