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single purpose facility
designed for one sport/activity only (swimming pool, bowling alley, Coors Field)
multipurpose facility
hosts a variety of events such as concerts, motocross races, truck pulls, etc.
nontraditional facilities
have been increasing in growth due to the global appeal of high risk activities (indoor rock climbing walls, in-line skating rinks, skateparks)
moving the management of facilities from the public sector to private companies or organizations
risk management
the control of financial and personal injury loss from sudden, unforseen, unusual accidents and intentional torts
facility director
has overall responsibility for the entire facility
operations manager
responsible for all personnel, procedures, and activities related to the facility
event coordinator
responsible for managing individual events held in the facility
planning, coordinating, staging, and evaluating the event
4 components to ensure a successful event...
scheduling, negotiating, coordinating, staging, settling with the promoter, cleaning up and evaluating
7 steps needed for an effective event management plan
scheduling the event
(1st major pre-event task)
-entails a reservation process in which events are planned according to the philosophy of the city
negotiating the event
(2nd major pre-event task)
-discussing the terms of the contract with a representative of the event, usually the promoter
coordinating the event
(3rd major pre-event task)
-providing specific venue and equipment needs as requested by the promoter or appropriate representatives
a generic document that uses standard language and a fill-in-the-blank format
work order
a document that illustrates all requirements of the event
attitude, being well informed, courtesy
ABCs of customer service
staff training, emergency planning, ensuring accessibility for spectators with disabilities, procedures for ejecting disruptive people, having an efficient communication system, and using effective signage
6 components of a crowd management plan
settling with the promoter
involves reconciling the revenues vs. the expenses and dividing any resulting profit between the promoter and the facility representative according to the split determined during the preliminary negotiation phase
event cleanup and evaluating the event
two things that need to happen after an event