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public relations
organizational function that fosters the development of positive relationships between the organization and its most important publics
groups of people who are affected in varied ways by an organization
process by which senders and receivers share messages of meaning; takes place at multiple levels
one-way model of public relations
comm model focusing exclusively on the flow of info from the sport organization to its publics
two-way model of public relations
comm model focusing on comm give-and-take between a sport organization and its key publics
mass media
organizations of pro communicators who deliver messages to large audienecs simultaneously over large areas; have delivery systems capable of transcending the time and space limitations inherent in interpersonal and group comm settings
planning that allows individuals or organizations to attain goals and prepare for contingencies that they will likely face in the future
using no strategy for attaining individual or organizational goals and dealing with problems only after they have developed
print media
organizations that mass-produce printed publications for distribution into homes, offices, and businesses (newspapers, magazines, etc)
electronic media
organizations that transmit radio or TV signals through the air/cable into homes, offics, and businesses (non/commercial broadcasting stations and cable networks/stations)
media relations
organizational activity resulting in the creation, coordination, and organization of information and the dissemination of it to the public through mass media
community relations
organizational activity designed to build relationships with residents and civic-minded organizations in the geographic area in which the sport organization is located
corporate communication
includes media placement in support of a promotional effort, employee communications, community relations, investor relations, and customer relations
creative specialists
people who work with the sports info office, collaborating with their colleagues to produce media guides, game programs, posters, and other organizational media
employee and volunteer relations
job is to build strong internal relationships by creating forums for comm and staging special events
web site manager
specializes in managing their organizations' web sites