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What organelle is present on all Mastigophorians?

**Mastigophorians are sometimes called Flagellata**

**contains both plant-like and animal-like forms**
List the organelles present in Euglena. (6 main ones.)
-outer pellicle
-nucleus and nucleolus
-chloroplasts and cholorphyll
-paramylon bodies
Is Euglena autotrophic or saprotrophic?
-it is autotrophic but will become saprotrophic if kept in the dark, provided that peptones are added to the environment
What are mastigonemes?
-numerous lateral projections on flagella
What is the flagella composed of?
-9 peripheral microtubules and 2 central microtubules
-each peripheral microtubule is made of 2 microtubules
What is the kinetosome composed of?
-9 peripheral groups of microtubules
-each group consists of 3 microtubules
How does Euglena recieve information of its environment?
-has a red eyespot or stigma near the lateral margin of the cytopharynx

-positively phototrophic therefore move towards light
-stigma shades the light receptor so Euglena can focus in on the light source

**if stigma is destroyed, Euglena becomes negatively phototrophic**
How does Euglena reproduce?
-by asexual longitudinal division
-by encysting
What order does Trypanosoma lewisi belong to?
-belongs to the Order Kinetoplastida
Where does Trypanosoma lewisi live?
-lives in the blood of rats
How is Trypanosoma lewisi transmitted?
-transmitted from rat to rat from fleas
What effect does trypanosomes have on man?
-causes sleeping sickness in man
-may enter cerebro-spinal fluid and cause motor distubances, stupor and may even kill
What order do choanoflagellates belong to?
-the Order Choanoflagellida
What are metamonads?
-small orders of flagellate protozoans
-live symbiotically in the digestive or reproductive tracts of animals
What is Opalina?
-a parasite in the guts of frogs
-mulitnucleate and covered by thousands of cilia
-not considered ciliates because the division process follows the lines of cilia; division in ciliates cuts across the lines of cila