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Where does Naeglaria Fowleri affect?
the brain
What is Naeglaria Fowleri associated with?
swimming through a swamp and penetrates through the cribiform plate
Where does toxoplasmosis affect?
the brain
What is toxoplasmosis associated with?
cat litter
What does toxoplasmosis cause?
multiple ring lesions in the brain
How do you treat toxoplasmosis?
pyremethamine and sulfadiazine
Where does trypanosoma rhodienses affect?
the brain
What is trypanosoma rhodienses carried by?
Tsetse fly
What does trypanosoma rhodienses cause?
african sleeping disease
What two protozoa affect the cornea?
acanthomeba and erlichiosis
What is acanthomeba from?
dirty contact lenses
What is erlichiosis from?
dog licking your face
What protozoa affects the heart?
trypanasoma cruzi
What does trypanasoma cruzi cause?
eats ganglia of the heart and causes heart block
What carries trypanasoma cruzi?
reduuvid bug from South America
What protozoa affects the lungs?
pneumocystic corinii
WHere does giardia affect?
the GI
What is giardia associated with?
fresh and well water
What does giardia cause?
What is the treatment for giardia?
IV metronidazole
What protozoa causes gastroenteritis and liver abscesses?
entomoeba hystolitica
What is the most common protozoa causing diarrhea in AIDS pts?
What protozoa causes watery diarrhea in AIDS patients and is partially acid fast?
What is the treatment for cryptosporidium?
What protozoa causes a skin rash know as gulf war syndrome?
What carries leschmanisis?
sand fly
What leschmanisis eats away the face and part of the nose?
leschmanisis donivani
What leschmanisis attacks the organs?
leschmanisis rhodiensis
What protozoa effects the lymphatics and causes elephantitis?
wucheria bancrofti
What area of the body does the protozoa babeiosis affect?
the blood
What does babeiosis cause?
hemolytic anemia
What is babeiosis carried by?
isiodes tick (with lyme disease)
Where does plasmodium malaria affect?
When do you get a fever with malaria?
every 3 days
What is the treatment for malaria?
quinine, chloraquine, mefloquine, primaquine (best liver penetration)