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Create a New Session
Control N
Deactivate a track
Command + Control + Click the track type icon
Universe Window
Command + 7 (numeric)
In the workspace browser, how would you move forward or backwards in the volumes field?
Tab to go forwards

Shift tab to go back
Task Manager
Command ' (Apostrophe)
How would you duplicate a track
Option + Shift + D
Link Timeline and Edit Selection
Shift /
To jump into the transport windows Start field?
Option /
How would you jump into the Edit windows start field?
How would you select everything left of the cursor, all the way to the start of the session?
Shift + Return
Select everything right of the cursor, all the way to the end of the session?
Option + Shift + Return
When "link track and edit selection" is enabled, how would you extend your edit selection across multiple, non-contiguous tracks?
Option + Shift + click
How would you nudge an entire edit selection, the start of and edit selection, and the end of an edit selection?
Entire: Shift +/-

Start: Option + Shift +/-

End: Command + Shift +/-
Quick key for the shift command?
Option + H
To Pre-roll audition up to a selection start point...
Option + Left Arrow
To Pre-roll audition up to a selection end point...
Option + Right Arrow
To Post-roll audition after a selection start point....
Command + Left Arrow
To Post-roll after a selection end point...
Command + Right Arrow
To pre and post roll a selection on either side of the selection start....
Command + Option + Left Arrow
To pre or post roll audition on either side on a selection end point...
Command + Option + Right Arrow
Enable/disable pre/post roll.
Command + K
Memory locations window?
Command + 5 (numeric)
Fill edit window with current selection.
Option + F
To use the selector as a scrubber, hold what? To use fine scrub, hold what?

(Fine) Command + Control
Pull up Strip Silence.
Command + U
To scroll through the tabs in the Preferences window, hit what?
Command Left/Right
Pull up the Time operations window
Option 1 (numeric)
How do you create a sync point?
Command , (comma)
How do you snap a regions start to the playhead?
Control + Click
How do you snap a regions end to the play head?
Command + Control + Click
How do you enable the commands focus "a...z" function?
Option + Command + 1
How would you trim a regions Start or End boundaries?
Start : Option +/-

End : Command +/-
How do you nudge by next value forward and backwards?
Control /

Control + M
How would you go about nudging a regions contents?
Control +/- While time grabber tool is active
How would you enable automation on a single parameter?
Power Claw + Click
How would you toggle between the automation views in the edit window?
Power claw left/right arrows
Pull up the automation window
Command + 4 (numeric)
Quick key to save plug-in settings?
Command + Shift + S
Quick key to paste plug-in settings?
Command + Shift + V
Clear all clip indicators?
Option + C
To apply delay compensation to automatically bypassed tracks, or better said, to set Delay Compensation to continuously prevent audio tracks from being suspended from delay compensation during input, do what? What color will it turn?
Command + Control + Click on the Track Compensation Indicator. It will turn blue?
To bypass an auxiliary inputs track compensation, do what? What color will it turn?
Command + Control + Click on the Track Compensation Indicator. It will appear greyed out.
What does TDM stand for?
Time Division Multiplexing
Main componants for PT HD?
Computer w/ PCI Slots
Hard Drive (Allocated for audio)
Interface (196, 92)
How would you assign multipul outputs from any send?
Hold control when going through the drop down menu for the second time.
Under what menu and what three main options would you find in the hardware setup
Setup -> Hardware Setup

Referance Level, Input Trims, Soft clips
Where is the hardware buffer?
Under Setup->Playback Engine
What should the ratio between of DSP chips and Voices be?
Highest number of Voices with the least amount of DSP chips to meet your needs.
DAE, what does it stand for, what is it like?
Digidesign Audio Engine

Its like RAM
In the I/O setup, a path can be white, light grey, dark grey, and medium grey. What do the colors indicate?
White: The channel is available for a path

Light Grey: The I/O is overlapping with other paths.

Dark Grey: The channel is unavailable for sub-paths.

Medium grey: Indicates extra space beyond recognized audio interfaces.
What are the five main Playback Engine options?
Hardware buffer, RTAS processing, CPU usage limit, number of voices and assignments, sample rate.
How would you toggle through renaming the Input names in the I/O set up?
The tab key
ProTools HD 2 Accel can use up to how many voices?
Where would you find the option to enable "Mute free assigns voice?"
Under Options -> Mute free assigns voice
Where would you find Disk Allocation and whats the quick key?
Setup -> Diask Allocation

Command + 2 (numeric)
What new scrolling option is available for protools HD ONLY, and what makes it so damn special?
Center Playhead: When using this mode, the playhead is completely independent of the Timeline selection. If the timeline selection changes, the playhead will not update its location when playback begins.
When implementing color coding, where are the track colors visible?
In the mix window, the edit window, the tracks list, and the groups list.
What are the 4 DigiBase Browsers?
Workspace browser, volume browser, project browser, and Catalogs browser.
True or False. The task manager will allow you to monitor, change priority of, pause, and resume tasks all while your still recording and editing.
False, you cannot change the priority of the tasks.
Timeline and Session LED's indicate what? Can one be on without the other?
They indicate if any files are missing from the session or timeline, they will also turn on if any files are still being relinked/processed. They always turn on/off together because if a file is missing from the session, its obviously not in the timeline, and visa verse.
What does Dynamic Transport allow?
It decouples the playback head from the timeline and edit selections, much like the Center Playhead scrolling option.
What is calculator mode?
Allows you to add or subtract time to the start or end of a selection via the +/- keys once you've slashed into the correct fields.
How many tracks can you scrub in one scrub (at once)?
Two adjacent mono or stereo tracks (mono-mono, stereo-mono, stereo-stereo).
What modifier key do you press to add an existing selection to another track?
When does nudge not work?
When working in Shuffle mode.
How would you change the settings for the Time Compression/Expansion tool?
Whats the difference between Strip and Extract in Strip Silence?
Strip keeps everything above the threshold and Extract keeps everything below it.
How would you enable real-time audio fades?
True or False. Using the Time Operations function, you can Change meter, change time, insert time, cut time, and change song start?
False. You can't change time fool
True or False? You can use the Region Alignment commands on only one region at a time?
ProTools HD automation modes.
What does the automation Trim mode do?
Updates previously written automation
What are the Automation Manual Write and Write on Stop options?
Write to Selection Start
Write to Entirety of Selection
Write to Selection End
Write to Previous Breakpoint (punch point)
Write to Next Breakpoint
What are the two Snapshot Automation options. Where are they and whats the quick key?
You can Write to Current (Command /) or Write to All Enabled. Both are found under the Edit menu.
What are the quick keys to Write a new breakpoint to the next automation value? and to Write a new breakpoint to the previous automation value?
Option + Shift + create breakpoint

Command + Option + Shift + create breakpoint
To suspend automation playback and recording for a track, do what?
Select OFF from the Automation Mode Selector.
To suspend a individual automation parameter on a track, do what?
Command + Click the Track Automation View Selector
Three places you can enable Automation Safe?
Output window, Send assignment, Plug-in