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What kind of cellular eukaryotes are protistas?
they are both multi and uni cellular eukaryotes
What is a Foraminifera?
single celled organisms that contain calcium carbonate shells.

-most live on the bottom of the ocean but some float around
What's a Euglenid?
Trypanosoma cruzi- causes chagas' disease. infects people through an inset.

Trichonyma- lives in termite guts and helps termites digest wood
What's an apicomplexans?
it's a parasitic protozoa

Plasmodium falcipurum causes malaria.
Eukaryotic Algae
-autotrophic and mostly aquatic organisms
-responsible for fixing half of the world's carbona dn thereby liberating oxygen.
-either unicellular or multicellular organims
Are Dinoflagelletes unicellular or multicellular organisms?
They are unicellular algae

-often covered by hard shells made of cellulose and silicate and they often have two flagella to propel themselves through the water
Why are dinoflagelletes important?
they serve as food source for a broad array of fish and other animals

-but sometimes they cause redtides and produces a toxic substance
Brown Algae
multicellular photosynthetic protists

-holdfast, stipe, blades

Green Algae
similar to land plants
-has molecules used to trap light energy during photosynthesis

-can be multicellular or unicellular

-many have flagella at some point in their life cycle
Chloraphyll in Algae
Chloraphyll a is in all algae

chloraphyll b is green algae

chloraphyll c brown algae
produces spores by meiosis

diploid multicellular individual
spores/ gametophyte

divide mitotically to generate a multicellular haploid individual

can be male or female or both
what does the gametophyte produce?
gametes which eventually fuses during syngamy
What had to have happen for land plants to survive on land?
-sexual reproduction on land with no water

-ability to survive on land and in contact with air
:needed waxy cuticle layer
Mostly unicellular
Foraminifera, dinoflagellates, Euglenids, and Apicomplexans
Shells that are made mostly of Silicate
Mostly marine plankton
Dinoflagellates and Formanifera
Apicomplexans are what?
are parasitic organisms to animals