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What happens in the elogation cycle of protein synthesis?
addition of amino acids from the tRNA in the 'P' site to the amino acid on the tRNA in the 'A' site.
What do many anitbiotics do?
They block stages in protein synthesis.
What does tetracycline do?
It blocks the 'A' site.
What does chloramphenicol do?
It interfers with translocation
Peptidyl transferase activity is associtated with what
The 23s rRNA
Elogation is catalyzed by what?
Peptidyl transferase activity.
Amino acids move from the tRNA in the __ site to the tRNA in the __ site
'P' , 'A'
When the amino acids move over one codon this is called ?
After translocation the empty tRNA in in the __ site. The heavily forming polypeptide(or protein) is in the __ site and the __ site is empty.
'E', 'P' and 'A'
The naked tRNA from the 'E' site is ?
recycles and reused.
How is protein synthesis stopped?
When the ribosome encounters a stop codon on the mRNA. (UAA, UAG, UGA)
What happens after protein sythesis?
Hydroloysis of the newly formed polypeptide occurs from the tRNA and the protein is released.
For hydrolysis to occur we see ?
three release factors.
In proks we see simultaneous ___ and ___ and we also can see "_____ _____"
transcription, translation, and cotranslational secretion.
Who won the nobel prize for describing protein secretion in Euks?
Gunther Blobel
What do the chaperons do?
They recognize info at aminoterminus of the new polypeptide and bind to it and aid in secretion through the cytoplasmic membrane.
What does secB do?
Interacts with the nascent polypeptide and reduces or retards the folding rate if the protein keeping it export competent
What does secB do with secA?
They bring the polypeptide to the secYEG translocase in the membrane.
Protein exported via the General Secretory Pathway posses a __
signal sequence at the Amino terminus.
The GSP protein contains
1)Charged amino acids(5-10)
2)Hydrophobic amino acids(15-20)
3)Acidic and posses a cleavage site(6)
The signal peptide is ____
left behind(cleaved from the protein)
Gene expression is __ __.
Highly regulated
What does highly regulated mean?
All the genes are not always turned on. SO genes to 'deal' with a particular environmental condition are selectively expressed.