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What is inertia?
Resistance to change in motion
True or False:

1) More mass = More inertia
2) Less gravity = Less weight
1) True
2) True
What is volume?
Volume is the amount of space an object takes up.
How is volume measured?
liters, milliliters, and cubic centimeters
What is density?
Density is mass per unit volume.
It allows you to compare different types of matter.
How is density measured?
in g/mL or g/cm
In order for an object to float, its density must be less than what?
What is the density of water?
List the steps of the Scientific Method in order.
1. State the problem/question
2. Gather information
3. Form a hypothesis
4. Test hypothesis/Perform
5. Observe, record, analyze
6. State conclusion
7. Repeat, repeat, repeat!