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What is a narrow beam of light traveling in a straight line?
A light ray
What is a wave that does not need a medium in which to travel?
An electromagnetic wave
The process of light striking an object is called?
Materials that let no light pass through?
Materials, such as glass, that allow nearly all the light to pass through?
Materials, such as waxed paper or frosted glass are called?
The distance between the tops of two adjacent ripples.
Number of wavelengths that pass a point in one second?
Mixture of light waves of all visible colors from red to blue?
White light
The law that states that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection?
The Law of Reflection
The reflection of light waves from a rough surface is called?
Diffuse Reflection
The mirrorlike reflection from a smooth surface that produces a sharp image of an object is called?
Regular Reflection
A single point on the optical axis?
Focal Point
The distance of the focal point from the center of the mirror or lens?
Focal Length
What is a flat mirror called?
Plane Mirror
What is mirror that is curved inward called?
Concave Mirror
What is a mirror that is curved outward called?
Convex Mirror
The bending of a light wave due to a change in speed when the wave moves from one medium to another is called?
What is a transparent object with at least one curved side that cause light to bend?
A Lens
What is a lens that is thicker in the center than at the edges called?
Convex Lens
What is a lens that is thicker at the edges than in the middle is called?
Concave Lens
Convex lenses are also called?
Converging Lenses
Concave lenses are also called?
Diverging Lenses
What is used to magnify very small objects?
What uses an objective lens to form an image of a distant object?
Refracting Telescope
What uses a concave mirror to gather light from a distant object?
Reflecting Telescope
What has a convex lens that forms an image on a section of film?