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a /padre = father
ah - as in father
e peso = money
e /peso = money
eh - as in they
i /mi = my
ih - as in peep
o /no = no
oh - as in no
u /su = your
oo - as in rule
ch /el muchacho
the child, boy
ch as in church
ñ /señor - Mr., sir
ny = as in canyon
rr /el perro - the dog
rr - roll the r
r / el río - the river
r - at beginning
of word
c /before e or i
c - like see
c /elsewhere
la casa - house
c - K
g /before e or i
g = h as in hey!
g /elsewhere
el gato - cat
g = as in go
h /hoy - today
h = is silent
J /Jugar - to play
J = h as in hey!
q /¿Que? - What?
q = K (u is silent after K)
ll /la calle
the street
ll=ya as in tortilla