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1 algo
something, anything
2 alguien
somebody, someone
3 algunos, algunas
some (of them), any (of them)
4 ambos, ambas
5 cada
6 cada uno/ una
each one
7 cualquiera
anyone, anybody, any one (person), anything. Whichever, whatever
8 cualesquiera
any people (pl.), any (pl.)
9 demasiado, -a
too much
10 demasiados, -as
too many
11 el/la mayor
the oldest/eldest (one)
12 el/la menor
the youngest (one)
13 lo mejor
the best (thing)
14 lo mismo
the same (thing)
15 a mí mismo
to myself
16 lo peor
the worst (thing)
17 los/las dos
18 los otros, las otras
the others
19 mucho, mucha
much, a lot of
20 muchos, muchas
many, a lot of
21 ninguno, ninguna
none, not anything, neither one
22 poco/poca
a little
23 pocos/pocas
24 todo
everything, all
25 todos, todas
everyone, everybody
26 unos/unas
27 unos cuantos/unas cuantas
a few (of them)
28 varios/varias
29 ¿Quien? ¿Quienes?
30 ¿a quien? ¿a quienes?
(to) whom?
31 ¿de quien? ¿de quienes?
32 ¿Que?
What? (Which?)
33 ¿Cual? ¿Cuales?
Which? (What?)
34 suyo(s), suya(s)
his, hers, yours, its, theirs, yours (pl)
35 tuyo(s) Un amigo tuyo canta muy bien.
yours A friend of yours sings very well.
36 mío(s) El sapo es mío.
mine The toad is mine.
37 lo que: lo que debes hacer es ganar la lotería
what: what you should do is win the lottery
38 estranar
to use for the first time
39 vencer
to beat, to win, to conquer, to vanquish
40 dos puntos de quiebre
two break points
41 siguientes (adj)
42 partido(s) [sports]
games, matches
43 señalar
point out, point to, indicate, signal
44 triunfo(s)
triumph(s), victory(-ies)
45 agregar
to add, to attach
46 derrotar
to defeat, to beat
47 al igual que
id., just like
48 igual que
id., the same as
49 único, -a
only, sole
50 lo único
only thing
51 jugando
52 respuesta (una)
answer, response
53 marca (f., sports)
54 arcilla (f.)
55 choque(s) (m., sports)
battles, collisions
56 enfrentar
to face
57 comienzo (un)
beginning, start
58 salvar
to save, to rescue
59 clasificar (sports, reflexive)
to qualify
60 alargar
to extend, to lengthen
61 racha, una (f.)
streak (e.g, of luck, wins)
62 invicto(a) (f., adj)
63 cancha(s) (f., sports)
court(s) (as in tennis)
64 divertido, -da (past participle)
amusing, entertaining
65 enfrentamiento
66 comentar
to comment on, to talk about
67 cumplir
to carry out, to realize, to fulfill
68 expectativas (f)
69 fenomenal(es)
70 favorito, -a
71 encarar
to confront, to face
72 fortuito, -a
fortune, chance
73 dar la vuelta a [le dio vuelta a la situación]
to turn [turned around the situation]
74 quinto, -a
75 intentar
to attempt, to try
76 rozar
to brush, to rub against, to touch lightly
77 malla, la
78 disculpar [disculpar con alguien]
to excuse, to pardon, [to apologize to someone]
79 luego
then (later)
80 arrollar
to roll over, to trample, to defeat, to crush
81 séptimo, -a
82 encuentro(s) (m.)
83 ocasiones
84 árbitro, el
umpire, referee
85 aficionado, -a
fan, enthusiast
86 apenas (adv)
hardly, scarcely, barely
87 conceder
to grant, bestow, concede
88 reaccionar
to react
89 apurar
to hurry, to press
90 saque
serve (in tennis)
91 lograr
to get, to obtain [reflexive, to be successful, to succeed]
92 Nadal se clasificó con una victoria 6-0, 7-5
Nadal qualified with a 6-0, 7-5 victory
93 Federer intentó un drop shot
Federer attempted a drop shot
94 su racha invicta en canchas de arcilla
his undefeated streak on clay courts
95 pero no Berdych no logró el quiebre
but Berdych did not get the break
96 Tratar de (algo)
to deal with, be about, discuss (something)
97 cobertor[es]
bedspread, coverlet, [covers]
98 abordar
to board, to dock, to approach, to undertake (a problem)
99 congelados dados
frozen toes
100 cantidad
quantity, amount