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What is Secondary Research?
Secondary Research is an exploration of all the available published information. Researching research that has already been done.
What is Primary Research?
Customized research, in the hopes that it may reveal some new insight. Primary Research is research that is conducted for the first time, not a study of research that's already been done.
What is Strategic Research?
Strategic Research is an information-gathering process that enhances the design at a creative strategy level.
What is a secondary research supplier?
Firms called Secondary Research Suppliers gather and organize information around specific topic areas for other interested parties.
What are primary research suppliers?
The Primary Research Supplier industry is extremely diverse. They conduct new research like personal interviews, surveys (upwards of 30,000 participants), conduct focus groups, etc.
What is the account planning process?
The Account Planning Process, is the process of using research efforts to fain more information about the brand in its marketplace, the consumer's perspective, or both, and and to use that research to contribute directly to advertising development.
What is qualitive data?
Qualitive Data is date which provides insight into how consumers behave and why.
What is quantitive data?
Quantitive Data includes numerical data such as exposure to ads, purchases, and other market-related information.
What are Account Planners?
Account Planners tend to do the majority of in-house research. Account planners are the people responsible for the advertising strategy and its implementation in the creative work.
What is a Strategy Document?
A strategy document is usually prefaced by a brief strategy statement that distill the document's main points. Following the strategy statement, the document itself presents the highlights of the most relevant research.
What are the 5 key elements in a Strategy Document?
1. Marketing Objective
2. The Product
3. The Audience
4. Promise and Support
5. Brand Personality
What is the marketing objective?
The stated goal of the campaign. It may be to increase brand awareness by XX percent in a specific demographic/target audience, and it may also be to increase sales by XX percent (perhaps inside of a certain market segment.)
In the Strategy Document, what is The Product
The Product section of a Strategy Document includes results of surveys, consumers' perception of the brand and it's major competitor's brand, reactions to the brand's or competitor's advertisement, promotion, retail display, packaging, etc.
What is "The Target Audience" in a Strategy Document?
Information (demographic and pyschographic) about targey audience.
What is the Promise and Support section of a Strategy Document?
The promise this ad will make about the product, and the supporting evidence to back up their claim.
What is the Brand Personality section of the Strategy Document?
The personality of the brand (as seen by consumers (based upon research & surveys)) now, and the desired personality of the brand.
What is Evaluative Research?
The research done to test wether the advertising/marketing worked. Evaluative Research is done at the end of ad production before media is bought. Last minute changes/touch ups are done, and it's a go, or a No-Go at that point.
What is a Test Market?
A sample of the target audience, whereby one can measure their response to an ad or product.
What 5 physiological measures/equipment are researched when determining an ad's effectiveness?
1. Eye movement tracking
2. Pupillometer.. the idea is that the pupil size increases with interest.
3. The pyschogalvanometer (part of lie detector equipment, detects emotional response)
4. The tachiscope controls exposure to print, showing some parts while not showing other parts.. to determine what parts are neccessary for respondent to get the point of the illustration.
5. The EEG. Through the use of the electroencephalogrph, data can be collected from several locations of the skull. Can be used to determine when subject is responding to a stimulus, and how intently/extremely they are focused.
What are market tracking studies?
Market Tracking Studies are studies that follow the purchase activity of a specific consumer or group of consumers over a specified period of time.
What is a recognition test?
A Recognition Test happens when a researcher shows a respondent an ad, then later asks them to recall it.
What is a persuasion test?
The basic format of a Persuasion Test, or attitude change test is this : consumers are first asked how likely they are to buy a specific brand. Next they are exopsed to an advertisement for that brand. After exposure, researchers again ask them what they indend to purchase.
What are Direct-Response counts?
Direct-Response counts are ads that contain elements that can be returned. (Mail, Television & Phone, Internet, etc)
What is a frame-by-frame test?
In one form of frame-by-frame test, the viewers turn a dial or press numbers on an electronic keypad to indicate their moment-to-moment reactions to what they are seeing on the screen. That procedure produces a trace-a continuous record of ups and down. When the trace is correlated with the commercial frame by frame, it provides a record of which parts of the commericial increased attention (liking, or whatever is being measured) and which parts reduced it.
What are in-market tests?
Tests that measure advertising by their influence on sales.
What is a Single-Source data test?
A test that measures a specific person.. whereby a researcher can have more specific knowledge of sample and have more control over the expirements. This is in contrast to mass direct-response research, whereas they must design the test to test a broad range of people.
What is Virtual Research?
Online Research/Surveys/etc.
What is Embedded Research?
Embedded Research is related to online/virtual research, where research methods are embedded direction into real purchase and use situations, so that the consumer is a recipient and diret beenficieary of the information.
What is collaborative filtering?
Collaborative filtering, is where customers at a web site can see product recommendations based on a predictive model that classifies them with others who have similar profiles of attitude, behavoir, and purchase habit/needs.
What are attribute trade-offs?
A form of embedded research where a web site asks customers to provide quantitive ratings of their preferences of rspefific attributes, include brand, price, and features. From evaluation rating of attribute and product profiles, the web site can generate a list of the mos preferred products for that Individual. (Yahoo Shopping, Priceline, etc)