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What Armt Regulation covers the Army Material maintenance Policy and Reatail Management ?
AR 750-1
What is a DD form 314 ?
Preventive Maintenance Schedule Record
What forms are contained in the equipment record folder when the vehicle is dipatched ?
DA Form 2402 (Eqipment inspection and maintenance worksheet)
SF 91 Operators report of motor vehicle accident
DD Form 518 - Accident ID card
DD Form 1970 - Veicle utilization record
SF 96 - Vehicle accident report form
What forms are filled out at the time of dispatch ?
DD Form 1970 - Vehicle utilization record
DA Form 2401 - Oganizationalcontrol record for equipment
What order form do you use to order parts
DA Form 2765
What is the DA form 2407 used for ?
To request support maintenance on a piece of equipment
What publication covers the accounting for lost ,damaged and destroyed property
AR 735-5
What form number is for a permanent hand reciept ?
DA form 2062
What Army regulation covers the Code of Conduct ?
AR 350-30
WHAt Army regulation covers ASAP
AR 600-85
What Army regulation covers ACS ?
AR 608-1
What regulation covers the ACES ?
AR 621-5
What regulation covers the Army Learning Centers ?
AR 621-6
What is the regulation that covers AER
AR 930-4
What Army Regulation Cover the EO program ?
AR 600-20 Ch. 6
What AR Covers the AFAP
AR 608-47
What Army Regulation covers Red Cross ?
AR 930-5
What Regulaton covers Army Retention Program ?
AR 601-280
Accidents are reported in accordance with what regulation ?
AR 385-40
WHat AR covers saftey ?
AR 385-10
What Army Regulation covers the Total Army Sponsorship Program ?
AR 600-8-8
WHAT Army Regulation covers NCOPD ?
AR 350-17
What FM covers Battle Focused Training
FM 7-1