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Setting Budget
Determine amount willing to spend
-build awareness
-inform, educate people
-remind people
-different objective during different times of lifecycle
-creating a message, selecting media
creating a message
strategy: unique selling proposition, comparative, sex, testimonial, fear, humor
selecting media
metrics, personal communication channels, non-personal communication channels, media types/timing
-exposure= number of households
-impressions=number of times exposed
-reach=% target market you get
-frequency= number of times that reach is accomplished
sales promotion
-incentives to chanels
-excite customers
-encourage purchase and tril
-price promos
personal selling
sales force, high cost, credible, effective, but lacks control-hard to manage sales people
public relations
communication with all puclibs
word of mouth
buzz market
promotion mix strategies
push vs. pull strategy
push strategy
-using sales force and trade promotion to push the product through the channels
-producer promotes the product to wholesalers, wholesalers promote to retailers, retailers promote to customers
pull strategy
-spending a lot on advertising and consumer promotion to build up consumer demand
-consumers request product
hierachy of effects
awareness, knowledge, desire, purchase, loyalty