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By using the _____ report category, you can edit any of Project 2000's predeveloped reports or create an entirely new report.
An _____ is a portion of a baseline for a group of tasks in a project.
interim plan
The amount of time that a task can be delayed without affecting another task is commonly known as ____ slack.
A ____ is a record of the scheduled dates and costs for each task of a project at a particular point in time.
The _____ report gives you a detailed analysis of how money is being spent by task for each day of the project,
Cash Flow
The formula for calculating variance is defined as Variance+Current (date)- ______ (date).
Finalizing the data that is stored in the project file(as opposed to merely saving and closing a project file) is called _________ and is not a feature of Project 20000, but rather a point in time that you as the project manager declare in order to clarify that the project is finished and the reports are final.
closing a project
You have implemented the project and recorded what has actually happened. Whenever baseline data and actual data differ, this is called _______.
A ____ is a subset of resources that exchanges status information about various parts of a project through a netwotk.
The deadline constraint is a ____ constriant.
A _____ is a portion if a baseline for a selected time period or group of tasks which saves projected start and finish dates for the chosen tasks, but not cost information.
interim plan
It is important that you identify the _______ Date for which the progress information you are about to enter is up-to-date, before making update entries so that actual versus planned reports are accurate.
Project Status
To view th baseline dates for individual tasks, apply the ____ to the Task Sheet ( assume the default table configurations for which columns will be displayed in the given table).
Variance table
If the current finish date for a task is LATER than its baseline finish date, this would cause the task to have ______ variance.
You can use the _____ dialog box tp delete a custom view, copy a view to another project, or make a view available for every project.
The difference between a task's scheduled start or finish date and its baseline start or finish date is also known as ____.
Project 2000 provides a shared communication system called _______ that allows you to implement Web-based workgroup features so that many people can view and update various parts of the project simultaneuosly.
Project Control
A _____ is defined as task that are sorted and outlined togehter that meet a common criteria.
As a project progresses, project managers use the ____ Gantt Chart to evaluate total slack and slippage to determine where to focus their efforts.
Projects behind schedule have a _____ variance (value).
Costs that are inherent to a task itself, such as a room charge, a conventionn entry fee or a one-time legal fee are called ____ costs.
To enter the actual start and finish dates and observe the effect on other fields, use the ____ table applied to the Task Sheet, because it provides all of the actual fields (actual date, actual duration, actual work, and actual cost) in one sheet view.
The ____ Gantt Chart with extra bars that show total slackk and slippage.
If you do not enter a project Status Date, Project 2000 assumes that the current Date is the project Status Date.
the current
Projects ahead of schedule have a ______ variance (value).