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Tammany Hall
most famous Democratic political machine
resulted from spoils system and led to widespread corruption
political machine
exchange votes for services
Thomas Nast
cartoonist who exposed corruption of Tammany Hall
honest graft
using political power for economic gain--losers are tax-payers
not a firm party politician, reform minded policies angered Republicans
commitment to moderate reform gets him shot
approves Pendelton Act
Pendleton Act
service workers by bipartisan committee according to exam performance.
Strengthened America's belief in the merit system, a more positive byproduct of Social Darwinism
social and political movement
Lochner vs. New York
10 hour worday law interfered with freedom of contracts
Muller vs. Oregon
Louis D. Brandeis used empirical data to prove long hours threatened women's health (Bradeis Brief)
Robert LaFollette of Wisconsin
the state reform acted to drive out the corporate run state governments
LaFollette focused mainly on railroad interests b/c...
1. the largest and closest to gov
2. most closely associated with scandal and abuse of power
3. the interests of so many other interests had become tied to railroads that by driving them out, other business was out
political progress
procedural changes made to make government more responsive to middle class voters
petition to have a measure put on the ballot
allowing the elctorate to vote up or down on a proposal
removal of public officials by petition and public vote
social housekeeping
outlet for weel educated, ambitious women who were not opposed to femininity
lead by Francis Willard to bring about Prohibition, resulted in 18th amendment
created to address issues stemming from slaver: education, heatlh, family and community
organized to address women's suffrage at state, national, and constitutional levels
agenda of Carrie Catt
pyramid of support based upon local support, tireless lobbying government, and not acting unladylike
Square Deal
federal arbitration of strikes when national welfare is at state (negotiated the Coal Strike of 1902)
Elkins Act of 1903
outlaws the corrupt rebate system used by railroads to buy political support
Hepburn Act of 1906
became basis of federal regulation of RR, ending free passes and the power to set price ceilings
Meat Inspection Act and Pured Food and Drug Act
forced sanitary conditions in factories and truth in advertising
resulted from Roosevelt's failure to address concerns of African Americans, created by W.E.B. Du Bois--wanted to ahieve social progressa tthe grassroots level
Bull Moose Party
created by Roosevelt after snubbed by the Rep Party. Ran against Taft
Clayton Antitrust Act
closed the loophole in the Sherman Antitrust Act by defining a trust more specifically
Federal Trade Act of 1914
created the FTC, establishing the gov’t. as the primary regulator of business
16th Amendment
Federal Income Tax established
Federal Reserve System
by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913
1. divided USinto 12 districts run by banks that can loan money to member banks.
2. control of the money supply and therefore removing the issue somewhat from the political arena
3. belief in the specialist
Tuskegee Inst
created by Booker T. Washington to povide practical education to former slaves
Mississippi Plan of 1890
provided blueprint for disenfranchising blacks
Ida B. Wells
women's rights activist, led a global crusade against lynching