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When is the car invented?
During 1900, was the Women's Rights Movement still going?
it was ending
During 1900, did many people have telephones?
NO - only 8%
During 1900, did people stay clean?
no - no sense of hygiene
During 1900, who became the #1 industrial power in the world?
Since we were very big on industry, and we were wealthy, how did we get our inventions in 1900?
we bought them
During 1900, were families very strong?
YES - very strong - the divorce rate was less than 1%
What is the key building block to a country?
the family
During 1900, how were the cities?
disgusting - no sewer system, no running water, crowded and filthy
During 1900, what was the popular theater people went to for entertainment?
During 1900, were we strong on religion?
YES - we were very religious
During 1900, were there many cures for diseases?
NO - over 21 thousand died/yr!
During 1900, who is the most popular politician?
T Roosevelt
Was there a lot of racism in 1900?
Were there many lynchings in 1900?
YES - over 200/yr!
During 1900, what were the two most popular sports?
baseball and boxing
What was a popular music band and a popular type of music during 1900?
Soza Marches; ragtime
What was the average life span during 1900?
Where many doctors college educated in 1900?
NO - 90% weren't!
In 1900, what percent had a high school diploma?
Did the American Flag have 50 stars in 1900?
no - only 45
What were the two things the US struggled with in the 20th century?
A US Free Market vs. European Mercantilism/Socialism/Imperialism
Why were Europeans tempted into having a M/S/I system?
1. raw materials ( industry ) ( not America )
2. they can conquer to get POWER/nationalism ( America doesn't do it for power, just to spread our belief system )
3. want military bases ( not America )
What did the Monroe Doctrine say?
1. we are the protector of Latin America
2. We will stay out of European affairs if they stay out of Latin America
3. We will even go to war for them if we have to
Who convinced the US gov. to build a navy?
Mahan - he wrote "Influence of Sea Power"
What was the first US navy called?
the White Squadron
When was the Spanish American war?
What are the causes of the SA war?
1. Spain is already losing its empire, they only have 4 places left, NEED to keep them, so don't want war, but a vicious revolt takes place in Cuba, so Spanish kill them, violation of Monroe Doctrine, so we go to war and
2. yellow journalism ( Hearst and Pulitzer )