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Upton Sinblair
wrote the jungle, about meat packing industry
ida tarbell
wrote about standard oil compant, expose rockafellar
florence kelley
abolish child labor, laws for women working
susan b. anthony
child laboer&women work labor
jacob riis
journalist+photographer in NY, showed poorer ppl
ida b. wells
worked to promote african american rights and womens rights
frances willard
women right to vore, band alcohol, WCTU
robert lafollette
politics in WI, gov't for ppl, women sufrage
jane addams
settlement house in chicago, for immigrants & womens rights
margaret sanger
birth control
gifford pinchor
environmentalist, US forestry service, teddy rossevelt=bff
lincoln steffens
newspaer editor&writor, write about politics corruption
WEB Dubois
1st african to recieve docterate rom harvard, black treatment
carry nation
prohibition, hatchet, WCTU
lewis hine
factory conditions, immigrants, children
susette la flasche
writer/lectureer native american rights
elizabeth cady stanton
women suffrage movement, anti-slavery 1st
theodore roosevelt
created national park sytem, workde to limit big buisness's powers over gov't
samuel gompers
founder of AFL union for skilled + unskilled works
dorthea dix
conditions&treatment in institutions for the mentally ill