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a change for the worst
spoils system
the practice of winning candidates' rewarding their supporters with government jobs
Populist Party
farmers and laborers party
Civil Service Commission
government organization in charge of giving civil service exams
yellow journalism
exaggerated reporting by newspapers or magazines to attract readers
moving forward
Interstate Commerce Commission
traded between states
journalist who digs up dirt
public interest
best interest of the public
primary (elections)
election to find out who's going to be the candidates
initiative (elections)
the public's feedback on an issue
referendum (elections)
voting for a law
a procedure for removing a public official from office by a vote of the people
Wisconsin Idea
governer Robert Laffollette went to the University of Wisconsin and asked how to change society for the better
Thomas Nast
famous political cartoonist
Boss Tweed
mayor of the NY that was corrupt and was head of Tamney Hall
graduated income tax
the more money you make, the more money you pay in taxes (16th amendment)
tax on imported goods
the right to vote
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
fought for women's suffrage
Seneca Falls Convention
a women's right convention held in Seneca Falls, NY, in 1848
people who fought for the right to vote
Jane Addams
Hull House - wanted to help the poor
Carrie Chapman Catt
spoke out for women's rights
Women's Christian Temperence Union
NO alcohol
SOME alcohol
Carry Nation
fought against alcohol
protection of wilderness areas and the planned management of natural resources for the common good
Northern Securities Case
JP Morgan was found guilty of violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Square Deal
Theodore Roosevelt's program of progressive reforms designed to protect the common people against big business
Bull Moose Party
a name given to the Progressive Party, formed to support Theodore Roosevelt
The Jungle
a novel by Upton Sinclair the explained the disgusting conditions in the meat-packing industry
the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People - fought for full racial equality
New Freedom
Woodrow Wilson's domestic plans - wanted government to regulate businesses, not break them up. This would give every American the power to succeed.
Gentlemaen's Agreement
government of Japan agreed to limit Japanese emigration to the US
civil service
the nonmilitary branches of government