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Is liom
I own.
Is liom é
I own it
Ní liom é
it is not mine.
An leat é?
is it yours?
Cé leis é?
who owns it?
Cé leis an peann?
who owns the pen?
Is le Nóra é
it is Nora’s.
Is maith liom
I like.
Ní maith liom
I do not like.
An maith leat é?
do you like it (him)?
Is fearr liom
I like better
Is féidir liom
I can.
Ní féidir liom
I cannot.
An féidir leat teacht?
can you come?
Is cuimhin liom
I remember.
Ní cuimhin liom é
I do not remember it (him).
An cuimhin leat?
do you remember?
Is cuma liom
I don’t care
Is mian liom
I wish
Is mian liom fanacht anseo
I want to stay here.
Abair liom
say to me or tell me.
Abair leis teacht
tell him to come.
Éist liom
listen to me.
Labhair liom
speak to me.
Dúirt sé liom
he said to me
Fan liom
wait for me..
with me
with him
with us
with you
with her
with you
with them