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What are the extra ordinary organs
uterus, Brain, Marrow, Bones, Blood vessel, Gall Bladder
six extraoridnary yang organs
how to needle R-17, ST-8, GB-14
which angle (transverse, oblique, or perpendicular)
What degrees are correspond to each of the following: transverse, perpendicular, oblique
Transverse: 10-20
Oblique: 30-60
perpendicular: 90
What is contraindicative for cupping
oopen sores, damaged skin, burns, rash, high fever, convulsion, pregnant women, thin skin, bruising area over large vessel, spontaneous bleeding, allergic reaction skin, semi-conscious
gold needles........
Silver needles....
What points are contraindicated during pregnancy
abdomen during pregnancy, SP-6, UB-60,, LI-4, GB-21, UB-67, Low back
Think of points with descending function
What does a long tongue crack mean?
What does a slippery pulse mean?
long tongue crack: heart issues, heat
slippery pulse: damp-sp qi xu
What are the 8 extra-ordianary meridians and the corresponding master and couple points?
DU/Yang Qiao: SI-3, UB-62
Ren/Yin Qiao: LU-7, KID-6
Chong/Yin Wei: SP-4, P-6
Dai/ Yang Wei: GB-41, SJ-5
List common Funtions of Chize LU-5
clears heat, resolves phlegm
Descend lung Qi, Regulat water passages
Activates channel, relaxe sinew
allleviate pain,
Water point
He Sea poing
What are the functions of Kidney 3
Nourish Kidney yin, clear Xu heat, Tonify kidney yang, Anchors qi, benefit lung
strenthen lumbar spine
Shu Stream, Source, Earth pooint of kidney channel
-kideny is root yin and yang of whole body
Describe all points along SCM muscle:
Anterior:SI-17, ST-9/10, SJ-17, R-23
Posterior: SJ-16, SI-16, GB-12, LI-17
B/n heads: LI-18, ST-11,
Anterior, Posterior, directly ontop
What are the functions of SI-3 Houxi
clear heat- febrile disease
benefits occiput, neck, back
activate channel, relieves pain
calm spirit, treats epilepsy
regualte DU, clears wind
master of yang Qiao; couple of DU
Source point
relationship to hrt, Du
location, channel flow
What points are used for needle shock?
DU-25/26, P-6, LI-4, Kid-1, P-9, moxa or press Zusanli-DU20-R-6/4
DU, R, St, LI, KID, P
What is Gua Sha used for?
HEat, Congestion, phlegm, stasis, blood & Qi stagnation
What earth points are used for diarrhea
Zusanli, ST-36, ST-25, SP-4, SP-6, SP-15, SP-3
What extra point is used to tx appendicitis and where is it located
Lanweixue, 2 cun below Zusanli
it is long way away
when would you not use moxa
on face, damaged skin, varicose veins, fleshy scars, pregnant on abdomen, sacral area, mucous membrane
What point would you use on a patient with a weak constitution who had acute vomiting
P-6, ST-36, R-12, SP-4, UB-21, UB-22
Think Chong
descend Qi
primary organs
What point treats excess in upper body and deficiency in lower part of body
Kidney 1
think kidney channel
Contraindicated for moxa
ST-1/2/8/9/17/32, LU-1/3/5/8/10
What are the window to the sky points
LU-3, ST-9, LI-18, SI-16/17
SJ-16, UB-10, R-22, DU-16, P-1
LU, ST, LI, SI, SJ, R, P, UB, DU
What organs is the source of all fluids
think yangming
color and taste corresponding to each of the five elements
Fire-red, bitter Wood-green, sour
Earth- yellow, sweet
Metal- white pungent
Water- black, salty
what angle is transverse needling
what angle is oblique
what type of movement do you use during final stage oof frozen shoulder
how many channels does hold the pedestal exercise open?
12, but 24 altogehter,,, possibly 26 with DU/Ren
The yin channels of the arm are...
Cold herbs damage which jiao
What is the bible of TCM
Nei Jing
what are the stages of Shang han lun
6 stages
What herb tonifies yin, yang, and blood
Zi He Che
tonify yin category
What do the following terms mean..
He Gen
Ren Zhi
Zi Mu
Hua Sheng
Gan Xiang
Shi Pi
Gen- root Zi/ren-seed
Zhi-branch Mu-wood
Sheng-fresh Gan-dry
Xiang-fragrant Hua - flower
Shi- mineral Pi-peel, skin
What herbs treat chronic sinusitis?
Cang er Zi
Xin yi hua
dispel wind damp
wind cold
What herb treats swollen lypm nodes in channel
Hai Zao
Bai Jie Zi
Xia Ku Cao
clear heat,transform cold phlgem,
cool and transform hot phlegm
What herb treats constipation w/ yellow urine in blood
Da Huang
yellow urine and blood,,think yellow
What herb for fish bone in throat
Wei Ling Xian
What herb is used to treat white mucous cough w/ nausea and vomiting
Ban Xia
Sheng Xiang
Gan Jiang
What herb is used to treat trauma w/ contusion and fracture
Su Mu
activate blood
What herb treats late stage frozen shoulder
Jiang Huang
Move blood category
What are the three jiao herbs
Huang Qin
Huang Lian
Huang Bai
all clear damp heat in all three jiaos
Number 1 herb to treat kidney yin
SHu Di Huang
What is main stop bleeding herb
San Qi, Pu huang
think regulate Qi herb
What herbs are used to treat sinking central Qi
Deng shen
Chai Hu
Sheng Ma
WH, WH, tonify Qi category
What is best herb to treat LQS
Chai Hu
Most important herb to deispel damp and phlegm
Ban Xia
warm and transform cold phlegm
cough profuse mucous, damp and phlgm MJ, send LU and ST Qi down
Label all parts of the needle
tip, shaft/body, root, handle
sparrow pecking moxa is used for what?
tonify and warm
Define direct moxa and what it is used for?
Moxa cone placed directly on the point and ignited is called direct moxabustion.
used for chronic, Xu, cold nature diseases
Define scarring moxa and what is it used for
scar is left-chornic disease
Define indirect moxa and what it is used for?
ignited moxa does not rest on skin , but is inuslated formt ehskin by one of four types of materials (ginger, garlic salt, monkshoo cake, deficient yin cold syndrome
What is the best point to treat insomnia on Kidney channel
Kidney 6/1/3
Explain the location and action of the SCM muscle
lateral and anterior aspect of neck, sternal head- top of manubrium
clavicular-medial 1/3 of clavicl
mastoid process/laterl of sup, nuchal line
laterally flex head, rotate head,neck
flex neck/Assist in inhalation
Mysasthenia gravis is what type of disease
name all backshu of organs
Lu-Feishu Per-Jueyin- Hrt-xinshu
Liv- ganshu- GB-danshu Sp-Pishu ST-weishu SJ-sanjiaoshu KID-shenshu LI-dachangshu SI-xiaochangshu UB-Pangguangshu
What does SI-4 treat
pain in shoulder and arm, , DH, jaundice
how many points on Ren and DU channel
ren- 24
Shang Han Lun made what significant contribution to chinese medicine
6 stages of cold induced disease
list six stages
Taiyang, yangming, shaoyang, Taiyin, shaoyin, Jueyin
S&S of yangming stage
four bigs, high fever, large pulse, red face, consiptation, painand fullness in abdomen,
S&Sof taiyin
ab fullness, vomit, loss of appetitie diarrhea, no thirst SP issues,
deficient nutritive Qi w/ spleen weakness
list functions of kidney 3
source point, , clears Xuheat, tonify kidney yang, anchors Qi and benefits lung, strenghten lumbar spine
What conditions are used for Gua Sha
Pain & fatigue in muscle, high fever
What extra point treats appendicitis
lanweixue 2 cun below zusanli
how to needle R-17, ST-8, GB-14
contraindications for cupping
high fever, convulsion, cramps, M. atrophy, allergic skin, edema