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List the three sources that contain the basic
disciplinary laws for the U.S. Navy.
a. U.S. Navy Regulations
b. Standard Organization and Regulations of
the U.S. Navy
c. Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
Why was the Code of Conduct established?
The Code of Conduct was established to govern
situations where Sailors were POW’s.
What total number of articles are there in the
Code of Conduct?
There are six articles in the Code of Conduct.
When military police from different branches of
the armed forces combine to form one unit, they
are known as—
ArmedForces Police Detachment
The instructions found in the OPNAVINST
3120.32 provide guidance and regulations for—
the duties and responsibilities for all
personnel within a unit or organization.
What type of watch is stood by most Sailors?
Security watches.
The ship’s bell is usually restricted to what
Reveille and taps.
What are the precautions that must be strictly adhered
to while standing an armed watch with a pistol.
a. keep the pistol in the holster.
b. don’t engage in horseplay with the pistol.
c. don’t surrender the pistol to any
unauthorized person.
d leave two loaded magazine clips in their
pouch and remember there is one round
loaded in the chamber.
e. when relieved, unload the pistol in a safe
designated area. Remove the round from
the chamber and check the chamber clear.
Release the slide and let the hammer go
home. Dry fire the pistol then engage the
Describe how bearings are measured?
Bearings are measured in degrees, clockwise
around a circle from 000° to 360°.
How many minutes will it take for you to reach
your best night vision?
It will take 30 minutes for you to reach your best
night vision.
When added to a service dress white uniform,
what uniform component makes the service
dress white uniform a full dress uniform?
When large medals are worn with a service
dress white uniform, the uniform is
considered a full dress uniform.
List five uniform items that you can wear with
civilian clothes.
a. All-weather raincoat
b. Underwear
c. Shoes
d. Belt with civilian buckle
e. Socks/hosiery
f. Sweaters
g. Neckties
A naval officer is wearing one silver star insignia
on the uniform collar. What rank does this
insignia show?
A rear admiral (lower half) wears one silver
star metal grade insignia on the uniform collar.
Describe the difference between the purpose for
the military ID card and dog tags in wartime.
The military ID card identifies you to the
capturing authorities if held as a prisoner of
war. The ID tags (dog tags) are designed for
identification purposes in casualty reporting
and for grave registration of members who die
in combat.
What size earrings may females wear with the uniform?
Earrings may beworn with the
uniform and must be the 6mm-ball (approximately 1/4
to 1/8 inch) type with a plain brushed matte finish or a
shiny finish
When loading the M16 rifle, why shouldn’t you
ride the charging handle forward?
Because the bolt
may fail to lock
You are loading your pistol. The safety should be
in what position?
The down position.
What is the single most important factor in good
Trigger control.
The distance between your eye and the rear sight
is referred to as the
Eye relief.
What instruction dictates that all hands are to
follow Material Safety Data Sheets guidelines?
What are two hazards found on flight decks of
aircraft carriers?
a. Propellers
b. Jet engines
What person grants permission for any work
done aloft?
Projectiles that have a 3-inch or greater diameter
are color-coded. What information is shown by
the color code?
The projectile type and
the kind of bursting charge that they contain.
True or false. Oxygen and chlorine are stowed in
compartments separate from flammable gases.