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What does it mean when something is socially constructed? (ex: race is socially constructed)
It varies by social context, history and is influenced by social structure and human agency
Looking-glass Self
A way of identifying/perceiving
Problems with the term Hispanic
It generalizes, ignores distinctions, refers to Spain and portugal, bases its distinction on phenotype and places an emphasis on its colonizers
The term Latino
Refers to Latinoamerica as a national origin
Most excepted term for identification
An umbrella term encompassing language, world region, or phenotype/race;encompasses multiple racial/ethnic groups
Advantages: unity in group of people, shared experience and promotes solidarity and political power
Disadvantages: loses uniqueness, changes the way in which they are received in the US
"La Raza Cosmica"
The Cosmic Race: of mixed/blended origin
Assimilated to North American society, forgetting your roots and not acknowledging/recognizing your race/ethnicity
Identification Determinants
Phenotypes, language, world religion, political power, shared experiences
False Homogenization
Making people the same although they are not
Silencing others, not recognizing their existence when not like the dominant group
Intra-Ethnic Relations
Relations between the same ethnic group
Inter-Ethnic Relations
Relations between different ethnic groups in order to find commonalities in the same struggles to strengthen oneself
Commodification of Culture
(Sometimes corporate) way of taking aspects, objects, or traditions of another's culture and using it to your advantage (money, "enriching" oneself with uniqueness etc)
Cultural Appropriation
Taking things from a culture and using it for a different purpose or in a disrespectful manner (to one's advantage)
Derogatory term used in the 60's and 70's for 1st generation Mexican children
Became a political way of identification used to define those who identify with the Chicano rights movement
Strategic Silence
A manner of using silence to break one's tokinization ("spokesperson for race/community")
Being invisible to the crowd but when being asked to be the spokesperson for the race becoming too visible
Imposter Syndrome
Self-doubt in our value - internalizing our value as to whether we deserve an education, are intelligent or even belong among "whites" as educated minorities
Survivor Guilt
Realizing that you are the only minority in a group of whites and feeling guilty for why you are here. (Why am I so special? Why did I survive?)
Mestiza Consciousness
From Gloria Anzaldua's Borderlands: construction of one's identity which is the hybrid formation of historically oppressed forces now joined by blood both in the sense of lineage and destruction: ability to blend two cultures
Racial Dualism
Dichotomous term for identifying people as either black or white forcing color consciousness
Socially constructed but has very real consequences, based on phenotype, people's perceptions, location and "biological characteristics" (hair texture, eyes, shape of nose etc)
Culture, customs, language, food and "non-biological traits"
Attitudes beliefs and feelings
Institutional: Government laws practices, and practices
Personal:individuals hating other groups
Feeling of protecting one's land from "foreigners"/invaders, and those who ruin the culture of one's land
Stories or experiences of the marginalized
Majoritarian Storytelling
Storytelling of the dominant group; relies on stereotypes of other groups
Subtle verbal/non-verbal attacks towards people of color that go unnoticed and unchanged and can cause physiological and psychological stress
Categorizing people by certain demographics and this is used as a way for the government to allocate resources/aid/funding to a group of people
A person that is both Black and White
Mexican and Filipino
Black and Mexican
Black and Asian
An in between state (when referring to race)
Black and Filipino
Latino/a and Asian
Black and Chicano
Half Asian and half something else
Expression of nation-building or continual process of it, distinguishes who are inside from those outside
Mexican settlements in the US
Surplus Value
Amount of worth of productive labor by workers that is not returned to them in the form of wages
Democratic Theory
Theory that citizens should have a voice in the enactment of laws that bind them; this is violated when political power is allocated (or not) to People of Color in general
Sociological Theory
Explains social behavior in the real world and conduct tests and refine their theories
Theoretical Approach
Basic image of society that guides thinking and research
Genetic Determinist
Traces educational inequality to the minority genes; blames genes
Solution: Separate minorities into their own schools and communities
Cultural Determinist
Traces minority educational inequality to minority culture; cultural values and related behaviors are responsible
Solution: acculturate minorities to the values and beliefs to the dominant group
Taking on the dominant culture
Shedding one's own culture
Cultural Deficit Theory
Minorities and their families are blamed for poor academic performance
Parents don't like or share the values or beliefs of the dominant culture to succeed in education
School Determinist
Traces educational inequality to unequal conditions between and within minority educational institutions
Solution: Change unequal conditions at the schools for the benefit of minorities
Societal Determinist
Traces minority educational inequality to the overall social system: Socioeconomic structure is responsible
Solution: change socioeconomic system to one that is more equitable then schools will reflect equality
Reproductive Theories
You come into school poor and prepared in school to take the lowest paid jobs: come in poor, leave poor and uneducated
Resistance Theories
Opposition to authority
To convey by a racial interpretation, place in a racial context, to perceive, view or experience in a racial context, categorize or differentiate on the basis of race
White Supremacy
The attitudes, ideologies and politics associated with blatant forms of white or European dominance over "non-white" populations
Manifest Destiny
Belief that Whites have the duty to expand their dominance over land
critical race theory used to reveal ways Latino/s experience race/class/gender/sexuality and acknowledging experiences related to issues of immigration status, language, ethnicity and culture
Homeland; adopted by Chicanos as a means of creating a homeland or place of origin