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Pentium II 300 processor runs at _______on the motherboard (speed)
Pentium II 350 processor runs at ________on the motherboard (speed)
Pentium 75MHz processor uses socket________
# 7
Pentium III PGA processor uses which socket______
The Pentium II 350 MHz processor uses slot_______
Level 1 is usually onboard the CPU and Level 2 cache is usually on the_____________
What is the size of the address bus in the Pentium processor?
32 bit
______________________processors have on-board cache
486SX, 486DX, Pentium
__________is the PIN configuration of a Pentium processor
________ bytes in a kilobyte
1024 bytes
Why was DRAM used in greater quantity in PC’s than SRAM?
DRAM is cheaper
__________was the first CPU to have an onboard Level 2 cache.
Pentium Pro
The__________ processor tops out at 200MHz
The________ processor topped out at 450MHz
Pentium II
The Pentium processor has an onboard Level 1 cache of______ .
16 KB
The Pentium III processor started out at_________
450 MHz
The Pentium II 333MHz processor uses a 66MHz speed motherboard while a Pentium II 350MHz processor uses a motherboard speed of_______
100 MHz
Pentium is the Intel processor that operates at_______
The first Pentium III’s use a packaging known as________
The Pentium series of processor is________ a processor
32 bit
The Itanium processor is a______ bit processor
64 bit
The FSB of a Pentium IV can be as fast as__________
Pentium IV Intel processor operates at________
2 GHz
____________ was the first processor to break away from the PGA form factor and use the SEC form factor
The Pentium II
Pentium II processors connect to the motherboard by_______
The Pentium II uses the______ form factor.
Original_______processor was created to be a low end Pentium II
Later Celeron Processors uses the _________form factor
The___________ introduced the concept of a dual pipeline
Original Pentium
was the first processor to use onboard Level 2 cache
Pentium Pro
The Pentium IV is______ processor
32 bit
The data transfer rate of____ is faster than IEEE-1394
USB 2.0
The Celeron Processor might use a_______package
The Pentium processors were the first to use 64bit data bus. The 2 sockets used by the original Pentium line of processors are Socket___________
Socket 5 and Socket 7
Hyper threading was first introduced on the_________
Pentium IV
The Pentium II was introduced at 450MHz
The top clock speed of the Pentium III is______ GHz
1.13 GHz
The AMD XP 1500+ processor operates at_______
__________processor did not have any L2 cache in its first version
The back side bus connects to the CPU to L2 Cache
back side
Top clock speed of the Pentium II is_________ MHz
450 MHz
____________had serial # feature which caused problems
Pentium III
___________________________ had mobile versions
Pentium II, III, IV
Motherboard speed on the 8088 CPU is________MHz
4.77 MHz