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You grasp forcepts btw _____ and _______ fingers while the ______ finger is used for stabilization
If possible, use the forcepts to grasp the ______ rather than the epidermis or skin surface inself to preventw aht?

-prevent marking and injuring of the skin at wound edges
Iris scissors are predominantly used for what?
assist in fine tissue cutting
What are dissecting scissors used for?
heavier tissue revision as necessary for wound undermining
Surgical scissors have a more _______ tip
WHat are hemostats used for?
-clamping small blood vessels
-hemorrhage control
What are the 3 ways to classify suture material?
-natural or synthetic
-absorbable or non-absorbable
-monofilament or braided/twisted
What are some materials used to make natural sutures?
What are some synthetic polymers used for sutures?
What are some examples of asorbable gut?
-polyglycolic acid
What are some uses for asorbable gut?
-deep tissues
What are some non-absorbable materials used?
-stainless steel
What are some uses for non-absorbable suture materials?
used for skin and some deep structures (tendons, vessels, nerve repairs-not removed)
What are some examples of monofilament sutures?
What are some examples of multifilament sutures?
-braided silk
The security of any tied suture is improved by the use of what?
certain patterns and the friction between threads
Friction factor is affected by what?
size of contact area between threads, tightness of tying, and suture material used
The most commonly used suture materials for interrupted and exposed skin sutures are what?
nylon and polyprolene
Sutures that are buried, or run in the skin, may use either__________ or ______ materials
nonabsorbable or absorbable
What are 9 things that make up the ideal suture?
-minimal tissue reaction
-low capillarity
-max tensile strength
-ease of handling
-knot security
-consistency of performance
-predictable performance
-cost effectiveness
What are the most commonly used curvatures for surgical needles?
-J shaped
A taper tip needle has a round body and is used for what?
suture soft tissue, excluding skin
A cutting needle is has a trianguler body and is used for what?
because it has a sharp edle toward inner circumference it is used to suture skin or tough tissue
WHat are 5 things you need to note in a wound evaluation?
-time of incident
-size of wound
-depth of wound
-tendon/nerve involvement
-bleeding at site?
What are some contraindications for sutures?
-edema of wound margins
-puncture wounds
-animal bites
-tendon, nerve, or vessel involvement
-wound> 12 hrs old