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an argument consists of one or more statements that are used to provide support for a conclusion.
The formal key term for statement that support a conclusion.
The belief or statement that the writer or speaker is advocating.
in an argument, an assumption is a statement for which no proof or evidence is offered.
a constraint or restriction on the conclusion.
convergent structure
a type of argument in which two or more premises support the same conclusion
sound argument
acceptable and consisten, premises are relevant, missing compontents are considered and evaluated.
unsound reasoning techniques that are used to change how people think
Guilt by association
michael jackson supporting an opening of a childrens park...would give the park a much harder chance at being constructed
Virtue by association
Michael Jordan's son trying out for his highschool basketball team..automatically assume he is good.
Arguments against the person
houston county high school is a horrible place to send your child because the janitor there is not a christian
Appeals to pity
All of the commercials for starving children , showing their pictures and making you feel sorry for them
Ex) everyone who's cool smokes cigars
False dichotomy
Ex) which is better televesion programs or movies, doesn't give you a grey area
convergent validity
the use of several different measures or techniques that suggest the same conclusion