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How many groups, what types?
Mix, Edit, Mix & Edit, VCA. 26 Groups
How do you view members of a certain group?
Control Click
If you see a dot next to a group name?
All of the group is selected
If you want to view 2 groups, and only those 2 groups, how would you view them?
Control click on the first group and control shift click on the second.
What are the main time rulers?
Bars and Beats, Feet Frames, Minutes & Seconds, Timecode, samples.
How do you make a time ruler disappear?
Option Click
Where is the show hide tracks list?
To the left of the edit window, if they are highlighted you can see them. If it's not some or all are hidden.
How do you show all tracks?
Option Click the show hide track list
How do you zoom in and out?
R and T, or Apple + Brackets
How do you set a Zoom preset?
Apple + Click on the number
What is the best way to quickly zoom in on selection?
Press E for "Explode"
How do you link and unlink timeline selection?
shift + backslash
What is the keyboard shortcut to toggle your nudge value?
Command + Option + "+" "-" on the numeric keypad, or < >.
Besides moving regions, what else can Nudging do? How do you do it?
It can resize selection,
What are mirrored assignments? How do you do it?
Can send to multiple destinations on one send. Hold Control and assign.
How do you create a sync point?
Command + ,
How do you repeat a region?
Option + R then enter the number of duplicate regions you want.
What does pressing Command + Shift + G do?
Suspends Groups
What are the different modes in Beat Detective?
Generate, Seperate, Extract, Conform,Smooth
What does CAG stand for?
Capture Analyze Genereate
Command + 2 (On Numeric Keypad) does what?
View Session Setup window